And I’m happy you did.

I’m Gertrude. Gee for short if that’s a mouthful. You , my friend, have purposefully stumbled upon my corner of the internet.

This is a GREAT thing.

Gee Nonterah


I am a social media enthusiast, online teacher and the blogger-in-chief here at My Online Biz Journey.

I help creative solopreneurs – authors, bloggers, home-based business owners , local business owners –  grow their online presence from scratch on social media.

If you are all about receiving practical advice on how to create captivating content, grow your social media channels PLUS my own adventures on how to start and grow a nimble solo biz,  then you’re in the right place because that is all I do on this blog.

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A few fun facts about me

  1. I am a wife & mommy to one very ACTIVE little boy.
  2. I grew up in Ghana in West Africa
  3. I cannot ride a bike
  4. I cannot swim either thus I tread carefully around ANY body of water including super shallow swimming pools.
  5. When Ghana lost in the quarter-finals of the Soccer World Cup in 2010, I was heart-broken for 3 days
  6. My accent has been described as anything from “British”, “Jamaican”, “cool” and “sophisticated”. I think I sound like ME.
  7. I secretly like American football. This is kind of borderline treacherous if you’re from a soccer nation.


So now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get to know you !

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