10 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Working

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When I was growing up in the Eastern Region of Ghana, my family and I lived in a very quiet neighborhood that was close to the woods.

One of the many sounds I would hear at night were the sounds of different creatures which  created a truly beautiful night orchestra.

Even after 11+ years living away from “home”, I  miss those sounds.

One sound that has always been distinct in my mind is the sound of crickets chirping.

But today we are not talking about my childhood. Or the fact that I grew up near the Equator  (which, by the way, I would be totally down with right about now considering we were at -2 Fahrenheit with wind chill here in Philly yesterday).

No. Today we are going to talk about the crickets chirping over all the social media platforms you have set up for your blog or biz.

Every blogger or business owner who is not living under a rock knows they need to be on social media. The problem though is that most bloggers and business owners are truly clueless as to what to do with this animal called social media. Yet, everyday on social media, you see social media powerhouses  like Sandi Krakowski and Dani Johnson who are totally crushing it and it makes you wonder “How do they do it ? !

You post something similar and you’re lucky if 5 people push the like or retweet button.

Frustrating, isn’t it ?

The problem is not that the so-called superstars on social media are any smarter than you. In fact, if you do a little bit of digging you will find that when some of them started out on social media, they were met with crickets as well…but then they persisted, avoided the mistakes I am about to share with you and by so doing built a raving community of fans around their brand.

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1) Failure to create a distinct identity for your blog/biz/brand

There is A LOT of noise on social media. If you fail to clearly define what you stand for, who you are and how you can help your audience, nobody will come over to your house to play with you.

Get clear on that by developing a simple brand statement and keep it consistent across different social media platforms.

2) Failure to study the demographic that is already connected with you on social media

Facebook insights, Twiter Analytics and Pinterest Analytics do not exist because the people at these companies wanted to create more work for themselves.

They exist to help YOU. Study :

  1. Who is connecting with your brand
  2. Where they are coming from
  3. Age demographic
  4. Gender demographic
  5. Interests they have

You will be a better marketer and serve your audience better when you pay attention to this data.

3) Constantly promoting whatever it is you have to sell

Nobody wants to be pitched ALL THE TIME. You don’t want to be pitched all the time. Yes, the reason you got into online business was to make money. However, if you make it painfully obvious that that is all you want, you will never succeed.

The point of social media for your business?

Make it about your potential customer and how you can HELP them. Money follows that.Tweet this


4) Not connecting with your audience on a personal level 

Instead of making the faux pas above, connect with your audience on a personal level . No need to go all out sharing details that should really be kept private. However in our current world and economy people want to know and trust the people they are buying from. Do you have an interesting picture of a vacation you took with your family ? How about a funny meme that is relevant to your audience ? Or maybe an exciting life event ?

There are dozens of ways to do this. Find what works and replicate it in different flavors.

5) Carrying on a one-sided conversation

Would you marry a person who constantly dominated your conversations and never gave you a chance to talk ? Chances are you wouldn’t.

The reason many people marry is because they find someone they “click with” and feel they have “known their whole lives” (Is this beginning to sound a little bit like a cheesy romantic movie?)

Your audience will not engage with you until you allow them to talk back to you. It builds rapport and fosters relationship.

Ask your audience questions. Respond to comments they make. Thank and recognize individuals personally on your feed. Let people know that there is a person who truly cares behind the brand and who is cool enough to talk to them personally whenever they have questions.


6) Looking like you are a superpower with no vulnerabilities

Be real on social media. None of us has it “all together” and sometimes it is okay to let your audience know that. Tweet this.

Take your audience on a journey with you. Let them have that feeling that they really do know you.


7) Posting no visual content

Visual content – videos and picture posts are shared at least 5 times more than text posts. Use that knowledge to your advantage. The tools to create these are also abundant and freely available.


8) Wanting everything to be free

This one might be a little controversial and you may want to navigate away right this minute. But please , just read this for a minute. It used to be that you could use social media platforms like Facebook to reach thousands of fans organically without paying a penny. There are still tricks you can utilize to increase your reach and engagement on Facebook for free.

Listen to me : if you are serious about  getting ahead with your business or your blog, you will have to move beyond the freebies and pay to play. Tweet this.

Consider it an investment in building your brand so that you can serve more people with the solutions you possess.


9) Spreading Yourself Too Thin On Social Media Outlets

I know some of the big names in blogging and online biz suggest to capitalize on  every single outlet that there is out there. They have good reasons too or else they would not be big names.

I however find that selecting a handful of outlets and really focusing on dominating on those outlets is more powerful way to stand out from the noise that exists in blogging and online biz.

Recommendation – Choose 3-4 social media platforms.

Dominate them by posting content on a regular basis.

Engage your audience like crazy.


10) Not posting regularly

A lot of us, including yours truly, fall into this ditch from time to time especially if you’re a boot-strapping solopreneur. Still, this should not be an excuse.

There are a number of social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer,  Socialoomph and Edgar that exist. You can use most of these tools at no cost.

Here’s another tip : create a social media content calendar for your business. Sandi Krakowski had one where she would post about 10-12 times on Facebook daily.  It was so strategic it was phenomenal. And get this : maybe one out of those 10-12 posts daily would be a post promoting her products.

In the past week, Darren Rowse of Problogger.net also revealed a social media content map he uses for his digital photography blog. Very simple simple and it gets the job done.

Recommendation : Your social media content map/calendar does not have to complicated. You can post as few as 3 times per day to different social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. Video outlets like Youtube can be updated one or twice a week. Set up weekly or even monthly social media maps as a guide to have you posting regularly on social media even if you do get tied up with the busyness of life.

Another thing. When you start out on social media, it can be lonely out there. Don’t give up. Like I said earlier, if you go to the very first posts of a lot of big names, you will find that vry few engaged with them at first.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Don’t give up.

10 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is NOT working