17 Audacious Moves That Will Catapult Your Online Brand Into The Limelight

I know what it feels like.

Grinding away at your blog. Post after post.

You hit the jackpot if 2 people comment and 10 kind people share your post. NOT.

Oh, do I know what that feels like !

I wrote this post for you and me because there are things on this list I have done and some which I still need to do. The ones I have been bold enough to do have been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me move several inches out of oblivion.

I did not want to keep it all to myself because I do want to see my other creative blogger friends thrive.

I just want you to promise me one thing : you will put at least 3 of these things into practice in the next 30 days. Promise ? Alright, let’s dive right in.

17 Audacious Moves That Will Catapult Your Online Brand Into The Limelight

  1. Host your first webinar

I can hear the excuses already.

“But Gertrude,  I don’t look good on camera.”

 “But Gertrude, I don’t know what I will teach on my webinar”.

 “But Gertrude, I don’t think anyone will come to my webinar”.

“I don’t think I have the right equipment.”

First of all, you did not have to preface all your excuses with “But Gertrude..” and secondly none of these excuses is legit.

I don’t look like Tyra Banks on camera.

I did not know what to teach on my first webinar and I think 5 people showed up to my first one – my husband would have brought that number to 6 but he was having tech issues that day.

I used a $29 USB headset microphone and a $30 Logitech webcam.

But it I did it anyway. Nerves, shivers and all. And I survived.

I especially love webinars because not only can you teach something live but you can repurpose that content in so many ways. Video courses. Youtube mini-series. Blog e-mail magnet to grow your list. Those are just three ways to repurpose this piece of content.

While it is true that 100 people might not show up to your first few webinars, it is possible for you to use webinars as a way to gain greater visibility for your brand, build your e-mail list and make sales.

If your audience is not HUGE yet, it may be better to pair the webinar with Facebook ads. That is exactly how Kimra Luna built her business and it can work for you.

My favorite webinar software is Google+ Hangouts which is totally free and which also immediately loads and saves to Youtube after you are done with the live broadcast.

In fact, some of the more expensive webinar software are built off of the Google+ Hangouts platform  + a few snazzy features. If you are just getting started and bootstrapping, Hangouts will meet your need.


  1. Write a book and publicize it like your life depends on it

Last month, I had an opportunity to catch Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing Summit and it was chock full of great advice.

One of the things I took away from the Virtual Summit was to look beyond a book as an income-earning source. Yes, you could throw your book up on Kindle and make some $$ out of that venture. Looking at your book as a $10 business card may serve your brand better than you could ever imagine.

A book well-done makes you an authority in the subject.

I watched Nick Loper do this with his book Work Smarter.

Imagine going to an event in your city and meeting up with other bloggers/entrepreneurs. What says “This girl/guy knows their stuff” more than you presenting someone with a copy of your very well-written book that is full of actionable advice ?

Let’s count the ways in which writing a book could catapult your brand into the limelight :

  • Record it as an audiobook and put it on Audible or even give it as a free gift to people who buy your physical book or the e-version
  • Using it as a business card like I suggested above
  • Create a whole course around the subject you presented in the book – Michael Hyatt did this with his book Platform and so did Ruth Soukup
  • Sell higher ticket items like one-on-one coaching etc via the book
  • Use the book to build your e-mail list. This is probably most effective if it is an eBook.
  • Book more speaking gigs because of your book
  • I am sure I am not even listing all the ways a book could benefit you!


  1. Get on Periscope and start broadcasting

Can I just mention how much I ADORE Periscope ??!

I learned of the platform somewhere in April or so and it made no sense to me so I did not get on. Well, that was a HUGE mistake !

I finally got on and did my very first broadcast on July 29 2015 (I have only been on the platform for 2 weeks and 4 days) and I already have over 180 followers, a tribe of people who attend my live broadcast faithfully or who at least catch the replay and are appreciating and implementing (these are women after my own heart, I tell ya !) what I am teaching and seeing results.

Prior to July 29 2015, I knew none of these people and would still not know them without Periscope ! Periscope has brought my blog and content before fresh + TARGETED eyes.

Why is Periscope so effective ?

It humanizes personal brands. It is super interactive. And you can broadcast from anywhere. You literally have your own TV Station in your pocket now and ANYBODY , ANYWHERE in the world can tune in to your channel via their mobile devices.

That IS incredible.


  1. Engage in other Periscope broadcasts

Apart from broadcasting every single day on Periscope, the key to Periscope success especially if you are not a “big name” is for you to join in on other people’s ‘Scopes and be super helpful and engaging. That is how I have grown my followership to nearly 200 in such a short amount of time.

And trust me, I don’t even have phenomenal growth.

You will get found by participating in the Periscope community and right there you have a chance to shine and direct people back to your personal brand.


  1. Advertise with FB ads

Facebook ads have been great for me in the past with my other ventures. I have not launched into it hardcore for My Online Biz Journey but plan do so soon.

There is no other platform that allows you to advertise for a little as $5 per day. None. Leads as cheap as 10 cents ? You will find that nowhere. If you can do just $5 per day or even $20 per month if you are strapped for money, it is possible to get your brand before thousands of people and eventually convert those to sales.


  1. Host a virtual summit

What is a virtual summit you say ?

Glad you asked.

A virtual summit is simply an online conference that could be held for a number of days where experts in a particular field come together (just like a real life conference) and deliver value. It can be free or paid. The idea is to have a group of influencers congregate in one spot (your brand) and by so doing borrowing their audience to build your brand. It’s not a one-way street though – if they are helping you build YOUR brand, you should be ready to provide some value in return in the form of a speaker’s honorarium or if you do make sales give them a portion of those sales as your way to say thanks.

I learned of this concept from Navid Moazzez who did his first virtual summit last year and was finally able to uit his job and build a business he always wanted to build.


  1. Reach out to a huge influencer in your niche and offer to guest post

I have talked about reaching out to influencers and how that will massively grow your brand.

Read that post. Apply it. And then write guest posts for those bigger bloggers. For my introverted friends who are scared of this concept, I wrote this post especially for you.


  1. Pitch the Huffington Post (or another huge publication)

This one is actually on my list of things to accomplish by the end of the year. Friends, you are only going to be found out if you put yourself out there.

Start with a list post and pitch it to the editor in charge of the particular section you are interested in writing for.

Connect with these people via Twitter or Instagram to start a relationship and then go from there.

Do things that scare you

  1. Create a course you could have sold and give it away for FREE

My new internet BFF (who does not know it yet ) Regina did this with her #GoIndependent course for Infopreneurs and is CRUSHING it (this course is currently on sale for $97 but is worth SO MUCH MORE).

Here’s the thing. If you create a mini-course that truly delivers value and gets people massive results, they will be willing to literally throw their money at you when you do come out with a paid product.

Now, if you are thinking “Well, that’s counter-intuitive,” please, I invite you to just try it for your own brand : deliver valuable, actionable content & support in a free course to at least grow your e-mail list. Follow that up with blockbuster blog posts that do the job. Do that consistently and before long your name will get around as THE person on the internet who gives all this amazing content away for free.


Email subscriptions. Check.

Sales because people are getting desirable results because of your hard work ?  You Betcha.


  1. Stop whining and comparing

I scoped about this very topic last week.

When we start out, it is easy to compare ourselves to people who have been blogging for 10+ years, have thousands following them and earn thousands more in revenue each month.

It is even easier to give up when you observe how successful these people are !

Here is the thing though – don’t give up ! Seriously, don’t.

Here is why : as a blogger who may just beginning, you are in a GREAT position to deliver personal value to your audience – a luxury bigger bloggers can longer afford because although they would love to connect on a personal level with everyone, they simply are not in a position to. I still e-mail people personally who write to me via e-mail. I love connecting with people and when I do, I hear the appreciation from miles away.

I see it as taking care of my tribe. Making a difference to the one and turning them into unsolicited brand ambassadors. That’s the advantage you have when you are just starting out.

Keep building brick by brick. You WILL get there.



  1. Curate your blog content to make it easier for visitors to stay longer on your site

Another great tip I learned from Regina this past weekend. I listened and created a library of my top blog posts so that people don’t have to dig through the digital archives to find a post.

Curation will make people stay on your site longer and showcase your work to people who want to read more of your content.


  1. Offer to coach people in your city for free in your niche

I got an opportunity to do this last weekend and it was incredible. It is easy to set up a Meetup.com group in your city and offering free coaching sessions in your specific topic. You never know who might come to your class !


  1. Attend a local live event

This is something I am planning to do more of in 2016. In the meantime, I have been looking up local entrepreneur/blogger groups to join. Live events are not scalable and they will take up some of your time and money however, you cannot beat the personal connections that become available to you when you finally go to these events and connect with like-minded people in person.


  1. Organize your own live event

No live events near you ? Organize your own !


  1. Create a course for sale

Why not ? If you are able to provide value and help someone obtain a specific skill they wouldn’t otherwise have, it is ALRIGHT to charge for it.


  1. Have someone review your site. And no, I am not talking about your cousin Susan.

We are not going to have Cousin Susan review this site. We are going to submit your website to Peek User Testing and they will send you a free 5-minute review of how usable and maneuverable your website is.


  1. Create a Work With Me Page

Every blog has a dual function :

  1. Your blog is a platform you build to offer free quality content to a specific audience
  2. Beyond your free content, your blog will also be the place where people find out about your business or product

Your “product” could be speaking, freelance writing, photography or home organization.

Creating a Work With Me as early as 3 months after you begin blogging and/or start gaining traction page tells potential visitors that you are serious and you are open for business.

There you have it.

Now let’s go take some action and build those online brands !