20 Ways To Build A Highly Visible Online Brand

I feel your pain. You’re a talented new blogger and you are doing everything to get the attention of your ideal audience. Other bloggers more established than yourself seem so confident and appear to have it all together. They write their income reports and traffic reports and you think to yourself “If I could have a tenth of that I’ll be made !”

How do you build a highly visible online brand from absolute scratch ?

This is exactly where I was in August of 2014. I had just bought started this blog. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do – write about how I was generating job-free income from Udemy courses and Kindle Books – but had no clue who would even want to read what I had to say when they are so many other established folks out there.

Fast forward to today, my blog traffic is now hovers around 25,000 page views per month. And I have made a nice side income because of it. So I am here to tell you that it is possible to start with NOTHING and build a blog/online brand that gets read by people all over the world.

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Ready to put in the work  ? Then here are 20 things you could start implementing TODAY that will help you build a highly visible online brand. Let’s go.


1)Help people get “lost” on your blog

And by “lost” I don’t mean, people don’t know where to click or go.

I mean help people become so fascinated with your content that they keep digging into it. The longer they stay, the better the odds that they’ll begin to fall in love with you.

Whenever I go to Regina’s blog , I get lost in all the AMAZING content she has on there.

And that my friends is by design.

Here are 3 ways to help people get lost in your content :

a) Create a library of posts.

This is a page is that dedicated to showcasing some of the best content you have ever produced. That is what I did with my START HERE page and I show you in the video below how to do exactly what I did with the Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin.

People will thank you for giving them a convenient place to find the best of your content. Secondly, it will give them a reason to stick around even if they did not mean to hang around that long.

This is another reason why you need to make your headlines super-catchy. I am not talking about sleazy + spammy headlines that simply act as click-bait.

I am talking about headlines that grasp people’s attention and immediately drives them to click through to your value-filled post.

If you have images you have used with your posts, you can make those your “book covers” for your library.


b) Install the Disqus Comment System or some other plugin that showcases other posts at the bottom of your blog.

I love using the Disqus Comment System because not only does it allow people to leave comments on your blog without the associated “sign-in here and turn over your mother’s last name” drama but it actually also displays some of your other posts (in no particular order) to people who are commenting.

As a matter of fact, Disqus is in my list of top 10 social network referrers to my other posts according to Google Analytics.



c) Use the WP Tab Widget plugin to display your most recent + most popular posts

All you need to do is to install the plugin. Activate it and draw it into your side bar using your widgets. Tweak around with it and you are ready to go.

It is just another way to help people get lost in all the incredibly useful content your blog has to offer.


2)Define a Brand/Style Guide for your blog

This absolutely essential. Choosing  a visual style guide for online brand is an essential component of standing out in this space.

Think of Coca Cola or McDonalds.

What occurs to you as soon as you think of those brands ? Coca Cola has that distinctive red color that is used on all of their logos. McDonalds as the big golden “M” that is unmistakable no matter where in the world you are.

They chose a style guide for the types of colors +  fonts they want to use with their brands and they’ve stuck with it (with minor reiterations over the years).

Think of your blog as your brand and choose a style guide for it. This will involve ;

  1. The graphics you use on your blog and on social media and the styling of those graphics
  2. A set of fonts that you plan to use consistently in your logos, graphics, for your blog content etc (BTW, I learned from Regina that the font “Jenna Sue” is such an overused font that it might be wise to stay away from it if you want to stand out)
  3. Colors that will consistently represent your brand depending on the kind of feeling you want to engender when people land on your blog.

If you are looking for a great tutorial on how to choose a style guide for your blog, here is one.

Secondly , decide how you want to represent yourself to the world ? How do you want people on your blog to remember you ? I have a Ghanaian accent , I am super passionate and intense when I speak and my hair  is peppered with grey streaks despite being only 33 years old. This is how most people remember me. How will people remember YOU ??

3) It may be time to rethink your blog’s design

Your blog does not need to look like everyone else’s and it certainly does not need to look like a website from 1995.

Trust me, I have come across blogs like that.

If people land on your blog and the design says “I don’t care about my blog”, no matter how great your content is, they will click away and never come back. Okay ?

I am not a web designer and I certainly did not have thousands of dollars to outsource my current design (yet).

All I did was go to Creative Market, peruse some of the great WordPress Themes on there that are oh so reasonably priced, used some of my knowledge of HTML/CSS to customize things a bit and voila, I got a brand new blog in a weekend !

You can do the same thing.

4)Start creating video content

I am a HUGE fan of video ! I broadcast blogging tips on Periscope and now do so on FB Live. That is video content I can curate and repurpose in SO many ways. You can do the same.

Some people are visual learners and may not want to read a 3000-word post but will watch a 5-minute video where you talk about the same thing.

Create that kind of content for that kind of learner. Create a place where all that content is curated – it could be a page on your site or on a third party site like Youtube and direct people there.


5) Add e-mail sign-up forms to several different places on your blog

Wanna know 7 places you could strategically place e-mail sign up forms ?

  • At the end of every blog post
  • At the beginning of every blog post (I would not put an actual sign up form here. It is better to do a content upgrade/post-specific opt-in in my opinion.)
  • A Smart Bar/Hello Bar at the top of your website
  • A Slide-in Form when people have scrolled 30-50% down a particular blog post
  • On your About Page
  • In your side bar (Side Note : Side Bar Opt-in forms have hardly converted for me in the past but it could have also been my freebie offering. But it is worth the try.)
  • Pop-Up forms. Oh, I know so many of you hate this type of form. But you can super strategic about it so it does not interrupt reading on your site. I currently use a Pop-Up that only shows when people are getting ready to leave the site. For the most part, Pop-Up forms have worked excellently for me and have not adversely affected my traffic.

If you are not collecting e-mails, you are losing out on A LOT of potential loyal readers. Please fix that you have not done that already.

**Check out my mini-course on e-mail marketing for Bloggers**


6)Write A Stellar About Page

Don’t be afraid to tell your unique story on your About Page. So many people are afraid to tell their real stories on their blogs. If that works for you, fine. But it does not work for me and every time I come across an online brand that is too “online” and not “human” enough, I don’t go back there.

Humans connect with other humans. Be human on your About Page.


7)You are on social media, right ? !

Let people know where to find you !

When I first started out on social media, I wanted to be everywhere. It did not take me long to find out how unwise that was.

Choose 3 platforms and do a deep dive on those platforms.

I am currently on Periscope (as of September 2016, I have really slowed down on Periscope because I am focussing my energies elsewhere but it is a great platform to gain attention on) and Twitter everyday and I am so thankful I have decided to focus on these two platforms because in the last 6 weeks, it has made more people aware of my brand than in the whole first year I have been writing this blog.

If Facebook is your thing, rock it on there. If it’s live-casting, Periscope and Blab are your best friends. If you are a Youtube lover, Youtube it is.

For crying out loud, do a deep dive on a few social media platforms and you will attract more people than if you are on several and not really active.

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8) Repurpose your most popular posts into an e-mail magnet

If you have been blogging for a while, you certainly have a post or two that has been shared and commented on a lot.

That is a good sign that people are interested in that kind of content. Now it’s time to REPURPOSE IT. If you are still scratching your head on an e-mail freebie to get people to sign up for your e-mail list, you can repurpose that blog post into a video series , turn the post into a PDF or eBook using Papyrus and offer that as your e-mail freebie.


9)Add Tweets throughout your blog posts

I created this video showing how you can easily do this Easy Embed Tweet (video tutorial below) Another plugin you could use to add tweets to your posts is ClickToTweet.


10)Include several shareable images in your blog posts

Creating images for your blog has never been easier. Free tools like Picmonkey and Canva have made it easy to create attention-grabbing graphics within minutes.

Once you embed the images within your posts, make them easy to share. I use the image sharer that comes with the SumoMe suite of tools. As soon as people hover over the image, it gives them an opportunity to share it to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

12)Learn SEO basics

I certainly am not the world’s expert on SEO. However doing the following pointers will greatly enhance your shot at being found by search engines :

  • Install the Yoast SEO plugin. It scores each of your posts and will give you recommendations on how to improve the post after you have written it. Following those recommendations has allowed me to rank on Google’s first page for the key phrase “digital product ideas” in the “Videos” section for instance. I was also on page 1 for a while for the same keyword for a blog post I wrote on the topic. I am currently at the top of Page 2

Getting To the first page of Google



  • Build relationships with influencers in your niche and e-mail them each time you write a new blog post nicely requesting them to share it with their audiences if it is a good fit. Some will respond. Some will not. It is better than not trying at all. What happens here is that if these influencers have bigger audiences and they share it on social media, it will send a stream of traffic to your blog. Secondly, if it is really good, they might even link to it on their blog. And that link-back is gold when it comes to SEO
  • Utilize your Google Analytics to seek out keywords that are leading people to your blog. Could you tweak the particular blog posts that they are landing on to include those keywords in a more meaningful way to increase traffic ?


13)Include a call to action with every single post

A call-to-action can be anything from asking people to share your blog post, comment on the post, sign up for your e-mail list or a request for them to check out your paid products and services.

You might think that people will intuitively do some of this stuff but going for the ask greatly enhances the chances that this will happen.

14)Learn how to write VERY strong and attractive headlines

80% of people will read your headline before they read decide whether or not they want to read your content. So it is important to make it good !

Apart from the headline post I referenced above, my friend Andrew from Shade of Info also wrote a great one for Boost Blog Traffic.

Between these two resources, you could write amazing headlines for YEARS.


15)Repurpose your content like a champ

I already mentioned how you could repurpose some of your popular content into an e-mail freebie.

If you are primarily a writer, you could make video tutorials showing people how to do something you described in a post (remember how I said different people learn differently ?)

Videos. Podcasts. Ebooks. Infographics. SlideShares. Social Media.

The idea is to take a blog post regardless of whether it has gone viral or not and use another medium to get it noticed.


16) Write shorter + simpler sentences + become a lover of white space

All of the white space on your blog belongs to you. Please resist the urge to write your content as one big blog of text or paragraphs worthy of a doctoral dissertation.

I wrote a doctoral dissertation and even that was double-spaced ! You will make it easier for your readers to follow along.

Write shorter and more powerful sentences. Cut the fluff and just say what you want to say.

17) Tell us how we can support you

It’s alright to tell us about the products and services you offer. After all, if you are good at what you do, why not ?

Create a page/pages that tell visitors what you offer and why you are qualified to offer them in a realistic way.

What do you mean “in a realisitc way” , Gertrude ? Glad you asked !

If you are selling blog design services and your blog looks like it was the bees-knees when floppy discs were still cool, NOBODY will buy your design package. NOBODY.

So give us proof of what you say you can do. If it is writing, your blog posts and content you have written on other sites will be proof of that. If it is blog design, let us see it with your blog. If it is a premium course, do you have Youtube videos that show people how to do what you teach at the basic level?

It is always important to build up that portfolio (even if it means building it up for free) for potential clients to see what you can do.

Once you have built up that portfolio, make it easy for people to find when they land on your blog.

  • Create a dedicated page and if possible collect reviews from people who have directly benefited from your work (PLEASE DON’T BUY REVIEWS FROM FIVERR. That is just dishonest and will limit your overall success in life).
  • Have a very practical way people can get in touch with you for your services with a phone number or e-mail address you respond to. Make that contact info VERY CLEAR.
  • Use tools like Gumroad, Selz or Paypal as easy ways to get paid.

Udemy Generic 728x90

18)Support other creatives online

Comment on other people’s posts. Share their work. Rave about them on social media. This entrepreneurial journey can be lonely and stressful at times and so getting support from another creative is a breath of fresh air when it is done genuinely.

19)Be very clear on who you serve

This point probably should have been number one but better late than never.

When you are very clear on who you serve, it will guide your content creation process and attract the right people to you.

Focussing on the needs of a particular audience will catapult your online brand into the limelight and set you apart.


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focus on an audience

20)Join Blog Networks

Last but not, join blogging communities/networks for your niche. Triberr, Blokube (requires a membership fee) and Bloglovin‘ are all excellent social platforms for bloggers where you not only get to share your work but develop key relationships that could possibly lead to profitable collaborations down the line.


Wrapping Up

There you have it !

20 solid ways to spruce up your blog’s online presence.

Print it out. Comment. Share. You know, all those nice things you do when you come across a post you’ve found useful :D.

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