25 Social Media Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience

We all know we’re supposed to be using social media, right ?

Yet, time and again I come across bloggers and business owners who tell me “I don’t know what to post on social media”.

If this is you, you chose a great day to stumble on this post because I am about to lay out 25 social media post ideas you can mix and match any day on your social media profiles so that you can build engagement and trust around your blog/business.

Sound good ?

Let’s dig in.

Inspirational quotes

While these can sometimes be on the cheesy side, everyone needs to be inspired and encouraged at least once a day.

Animated images

Tools like Adobe Spark, Legend and Ripl have now made it super easy for us to created animated images like this one I created for my Facebook page.

Because they save as 4-5 second mp4 files AND because most social media platforms favor video content, it’s a smart move on your part to include these in your social media strategy.


Got something to teach ? Create a tip-o-graphic with ONE helpful tip that allows your audience to achieve small but useful wins.


You could build your whole online brand around infographic if you wanted to. You can create a simple one use tools like Picmonkey and Canva. If you’d like to go for more of a professional touch, you could outsource the work to freelancers on Upwork or 99designs.

Funny Memes

I don’t have to talk about how effective these are, do I ?

Live Streaming

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now all have live streaming capabilities built into them. While Instagram’s live videos are only live while the broadcaster is live, Facebook and Twitter/Periscope keep your video up on your profile until you decide to delete it.

Live streaming is inherently powerful because beyond the fact that it is visual content (and FREE), it allows you to interact with your followers and potential customers in real time. Talk about marketing gold.

The only downside to live streaming to me is that for now it is not really designed to be searchable by major search engines. Thus your AMAZING content could be short-lived unless you decide to repurpose those videos on Youtube or as a blog post or even as a paid product.

It is still a GREAT marketing tool I highly encourage entrepreneurs of every kind to take advantage of.

Pre-recorded video

If live streaming is too nerve-racking for you, how about pre-recorded videos or even animations done with tools like Powtoon which doesn’t require you to put your face to video.


Facebook and Twitter both allow you to create engaging slideshows within the platform.

Here’s how to do it on Facebook :


On Twitter, these type of slideshows are called “Moments”. Here is how you create a moment.

On your Twitter Profile, go to “MOMENTS”.


Select “CREATE NEW MOMENT” on the far right side of your page.


Create your Moment by selecting images and videos to go into the Moment.


Lifestyle Photo/Videos

No matter how big a company is, people want to know that there are people on the “other side” of the line. This is an opportunity to share company culture, a recent trip or if you are me, what your husband made you for breakfast.


Affiliate Post

I am a big believer in the fact that if there are products you use and love, you should find out if there is an affiliate link for it ! Sharing those products you use and love with your audience is not only a way to point your audience to helpful resources but can have the added effect of adding money to your pocket.

**Make sure to mention the link you are sharing is an affiliate to abide with FTC regulations.

Product Post

This one is a no brainer. You are in this for the business right ? So share your products with us !

Your Blog Posts

Created some written content lately ? Share that.

A recent Youtube video or Podcast episode

Another no brainer.

Someone else’s content

Also known as content curation.

Why do we share other people’s content ? Because we don’t want to be self-centered and only share our own content and because other people may do something better than us. For instance, Shade Y. Adu is a queen when it comes to online personal branding. I am NOT. So if someone in my audience asks me about online personal branding, I am going to point them to Shade’s content because she is just better at that kind of stuff.

Random question

Ask a random question. You will sometimes be super surprised at some of the answers that will be thrown back at you. This is just a way to humanize, engage and talk back to your audience

Comment on current events

…but do so with caution.

The 2016 US Election for instance was a highly emotional volatile time. I had very strong opinions about certain things but I kept that stuff off my business page because there is honestly no reason why I should fight with someone over political ideations on social media.

Nevertheless, when there is an injustice meted out to my fellow human, you can bet I will find something to say about it albeit with from a place of love and seeking to see from things from alternative perspectives.

Comment on the weather

Because no matter what is going on in the world the weather always gets people talking. Post a picture of the snow, rain, sunshine, beach life etc.

Announce sales

People love sales. Announce them !

Rave about something

Every week, I rave about at least ONE thing on social media. We have things we could rave about. Rave on.

Funny Videos

Who doesn’t like a good laugh ?

Customer Reviews

If you have customer reviews on Udemy, Kindle, Yelp, or via e-mail, share it on social media as a way to 1) shout-out the customer to say thanks and 2) as social proof to people who might be interested in your product or service that you are the person to buy from.

Invite to sign up for your e-mail list

Share the direct link to a landing page for an e-mail freebie you’re using to build your list.

Tell a poignant story

A lot of people don’t know this about me but I am always looking for the “story” in things. I am the person who always wants to know what the story is of the girl who walks onto the bus every single day at 8am with 3 little ones or of the homeless guy who was married before but lost everything and moved from Montana to San Diego.

There are stories all around us. Be a story teller.

Share news in your niche

What’s the latest going on in your niche ? Use tools like Google Alerts to send you notifications about goings-on in your niche as soon as they are announced and then share those updates with your audience.

You will be easily seen as an authority when you do so regularly.

Provide an answer to a reader question

I get quite a number of questions from blog readers and e-mail subscribers frequently. You can certainly answer the person privately or you could post the question with an answer to social media. That way you help a broader audience.

And there you have it ! 25 social media post ideas for you to fill your social media editorial calendar with.

Enjoyed this post ?



¬†What other ideas for social media can you think of ? Let’s hear it in the comments.