3 Lies You Are Likely To Struggle With When You Start An Online Business

I recorded this video after a conversation I had with a very talented friend who is attempting to break out online.

Fact – building a business of any sort is HARD WORK. It doesn’t help that hype-y headlines like the following are all the rage these days. :

How I made 6 figures in 12 hours” or “How to launch from nothing to 1 billion in 6 months”

So I made this video for all my peeps who are truly putting in the work.

Keep going.

Keep learning.

Keep tweaking.

Keep testing.

And whatever you do, don’t just throw in the towel.

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  • Angeles Jonske

    I just wanted to thank you SO much for this message. I did your Udemy course on becoming a social media manager today and feel I have SO much to learn that it often just stops me in my tracks from moving forward because I am so concerned that I am not an expert enough at anything to start. This really encouraged me so much and I appreciate this video!

    • Hello Angeles – it is so nice to connect with you online. Thanks for taking my course. It is my hope that you are able to take what I taught and put it into practice.

      To tell you the truth, a lot of people do feel what you are feeling – not an expert enough. And while it may be true that you are not the world’s biggest expert, I can assure you that you know more than a lot of people do because you are self-educating – something A LOT of people surprisingly do not do once they are done with school.

      You told me you had 900 Twitter followers – that is incredible ! There are folks who don’t know how to get even 50 ! So in that regard you are more of an expert than them. Pick 1-2 things you can do and start honing those skills and offering them as a service. You will be surprised at the doors that will open up for you as a result.