31 Effective Headlines That Will Make People Read Your Stuff

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When I started online, I did not know the importance of headlines. I just assumed that I needed to create good enough content and then people would automatically show up and enjoy my brilliantly written content. Imagine my shock when I realized that is NOT the way it works online (or with any written content really) !

People have shorter attention spans than any other time in history. And so, if the headline of your book, blog post, article, Facebook ad or course does not catch their attention. You can forget about it.

And so for the past few years, I have read books, blog posts and downloaded freebies to help me learn to write better headlines.I have compiled some of the very best headlines I have encountered as I have read on the infographic below. This in in no way an exhaustive list but I know it will keep you busy for a while.

You are welcome to print this post and file it away or put it in a visible spot close to where you normally write so that you can refer to it anytime you start writing.


Not only are these headlines. They will also help you think about potential blog posts to write when you are stuck. It’s a double-edged sword (in a good way) !

Here we go. I hope you enjoy. And oh, share them with someone who might find this useful.