31 Simple Actions You Can Take Over The Next 100 Days That’ll Change Your Life

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In just 41 days 2017 will be over and done with.

As we near the beginning of 2018, everybody will start setting these goals and resolutions about changing their lives for the New Year.

And if we are being completely honest about it, by the end of the first week of January most of us would have abandoned those resolutions we so enthusiastically made in the days leading up to the New Year.

Thus, I stopped making resolutions a long time ago.

Something I am doing differently these days is that if I feel there is a goal I want to achieve, I am not going to wait for some magical turn of the clock or drop of the ball to do so.

I am going to make that goal and then take small steps each and every day to get there. The book that really cemented this idea for me is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson where he talks about how all the little actions and “inactions” we take everyday add up to the results we get – intended or otherwise.

Right after I read that book, I started my very first emergency fund which ended up paying for much needed car repairs recently !

To make me even more accountable, I have decided that when I pick a goal to commit to – no excuses, no explanations – I will do it for 100 days straight.

For instance, today marks day 6 of 100 days of me working out for at least 30 minutes every single day.

I created a post about it on my Instagram last night (make sure to follow !)

So what could you achieve if you stuck to a goal for the next 100 days ?

It does not have to be complicated. You can pick ONE thing or you could pick 3.

The real point post of this post is help you realize that slow and steady CAN in fact win the race.

Looking for simple actions you can take to reach a particular goal in the next 100 days ?

Here are 31 ideas.

How to change your life in 100 days – 31 simple actions you can take to get you there

  1. Walk for 30 minutes everyday
  2. Lift 10lbs weights for 5 minutes everyday
  3. Do 50 heel raises
  4. Do 50 lunges
  5. Perform 50 sit-ups
  6. Drink half a gallon of water
  7. Put away your cellphone during dinner and have an actual conversation
  8. Sit at the dinner table with your family instead of in front of a TV
  9. At the dinner table, have everyone talk about the highlight of their day
  10. Read for 20 minutes daily
  11. Listen to an audio book for 20 minutes daily (Get your first 2 audiobooks for free on Amazon’s Audible)
  12. Charge your cell phone in a room other than your bedroom (I know some of you use it for an alarm however, there is evidence that having your cell phone right next to you as you sleep could actually be preventing you from getting enough rest during sleep)
  13. Compliment 1 person everyday – even better if that person is your spouse
  14. Pray for 30 minutes
  15. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  16. Set a timer for 1-2 hours everyday so you can do deep work
  17. Write 500 words of a book
  18. Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you deserve to be happy in all aspects of life
  19. Start a blog and write a blog post everyday. Don’t have the funds for a blog ? Start out on Medium.
  20. Record a video for your YouTube channel
  21. Post a story to Instagram or Facebook
  22. Journal your thoughts
  23. Create an idea diary of up to 5 ideas that were sparked as you went about your day
  24. Choose to forgive someone
  25. Learn a new skill – especially handy if you want to start a freelance business in the upcoming year to supplement your income. Udemy and Coursera are both great places to start looking for a place to learn a new skill.
  26. Connect/meet with one new person everyday
  27. Pitch a new client everyday offering them your freelance services
  28. Save your coins – at the end of 100 days use those coins to pay a bill
  29. Go outside and enjoy nature. It could be a park, a lake, the beach, mountains – whatever. The point is simply to enjoy fresh air in nature.
  30. Promote something you created on social media or tell someone else about it
  31. Connect with and strike up a conversation with at least ONE new person everyday

Of course, these are just 31 ideas I came up with and I did not cover everything you could possibly do.

Maybe you will pick something off this list or maybe one of the ideas I shared sparked a new idea for you.

It’s great either way !

The whole point is that in 100 days, things could be drastically different anyone willing to simply pick one thing and commit to taking those slow and steady steps to achieving the bigger goal.

Happy to hear your thoughts in the comments.