5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Creators

5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Producers

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Since you are reading this, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you have not been living under rock for the last decade or two.

Thus, you are no stranger to the fact blogging, podcasting and using video content are all very low cost ways to start building an online presence and attracting your tribe to your message.

I’ve watched with interest as bloggers, podcasters and Youtubers have started with absolute zero and shot into stardom seemingly overnight and noticed a few things about them that are very distinct. That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

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5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Producers

1)Fully Aware That Every Piece of Content Will NOT be EPIC

I intentionally put this point up first because I think this is where a lot of us falter when it comes to becoming effective in our production of content to market our businesses.

Now, I know the bar for creating content has been raised in recent times. I mean sometimes when I take a look at some other people’s blogs who have a post-specific opt-in for EVERY post + a training video in the post + an accompanying audio version of their post, I am like “Wait, how am I supposed to compete against that ?”

We all want our content to be the epic-est there is out there. (I see you grammar police. But I am ignoring you on the word “epic-est”).

Truth : not every piece of content you write will be epic. If you’ve been paying attention to your favorite blogger, podcaster or youtuber, you will find content they produced that were not exactly award-worthy.

Apple did not always produce phenomenal iPhones and iPads. It’s how the real world works.

Once you accept this sobering fact, you will be amazed at the heights you will reach.


I am yet to encounter a truly successful content producer/online biz owner who is not in some way , shape or form absolutely passionate about their topic.

Passion is contagious. I am not talking about simply faking excitement and euphoria each time they produce a piece of content.

A perfect example that comes to mind as I write this is Youtuber Chanel Boateng.


Chanel is a plus-sized girl who does some amazing make-up/beauty/lifestyle tutorials.

When she speaks, I can tell she is proud to be in her own skin and to represent a population of women who may sometimes feel sidelined. Her passion for her topic is real and palpable.

When I first discovered Chanel’s Channel, she was had just about 30,000 subscribers. Nothing to scoff at certainly ! Yet in under a year, she has grown to nearly 200,000 subscribers as of this writing & has expanded her brand to include a successful line of beauty products.

She did not get there by talking about things she was marginally interested in. She took something she was truly passionate about and built content around it.

But Gertrude, my passion is not as profitable or popular !

I hear you, friend. I have 2 things to say to that

  • You will never know until you try. People have had success talking about some of the most unconventional things. Some channels on Youtube & Periscope sometimes leave me speechless yet they have several million followers. Go figure.
  • I am sure you have more than one passion, choose one to talk about.


If you are producing content only when you feel inspired every 2 months, you are obviously going to be highly unsuccessful as an a person who wants to build authority online.

John Lee Dumas has a daily podcast featuring entrepreneur stories.

Pat Flynn has a blog, podcast and youtube channel that feature different content formats each and every week.

Regina is constantly producing courses upon courses plus her famous workbooks and worksheets.

Seth Godin posts daily short notes that inspire you to be a better marketer.

See a trend ?

You simply don’t get to the heights any of these people have reached by being inconsistent.


Distractions abound in life. You want to throw in a rambunctious 2-year old and a husband who wants to talk to you when you are writing and you have a recipe for general unproductiveness sometimes.

Yet, master content producers do not use these as excuses. Steve Chou has a family, a full-time job, runs a 7-figure e-commerce business, writes a blog and produces a podcast EVERY WEEK.

Can anyone say “distraction crusher”?

Tips To Help You Focus

  • Work in chunks of time. Sometimes when I really want to focus and be productive I will set a timer for an hour and shut EVERYTHING down and focus on working until that hour is over. I don’t check e-mail. I don’t check Facebook. I just work until the alarm goes off on the timer.
  • Wake up early. This is especially for those of you out there who have a family and a full time job like me. The sacrifice will pay off. I promise.
  • Turn off your phone while you work for that time period.

5)Get People To Take Action

Effective content producers are also great at getting people to take action. I am a big believer of including a call-to-action in every piece of content you create.

People don’t take action until you ask them to EVEN if it is obvious ! 

5 types of call-to-actions you can include with each piece of content you create :

  • Share your content on social media
  • Read/watch/listen to more of your content
  • Leave a comment
  • Sign up for your e-mail list
  • Buy a product (or sign up for something that will lead to a product being offered)

Question For You 

Which one of these 5 traits do you struggle with ? Let’s hear it in the comments.