A Guide To Influencer Outreach (27+ Excellent Resources)


A Guide To Influencer Outreach

A big thanks to Grace Pak for inspiring this blog post with her comment on this post.

Best tips on blogging and side hustles ? Check. You as my e-mail buddy ? Let us fix that.

One of the things that has allowed me to grow by LEAPS and BOUNDS in the last 6 months apart from refining the audience I wanted to serve, has been reaching out to influential bloggers and building genuine relationships with them.

Honestly, I don’t do enough of it and I am in the middle of planning a “blogger outreach” experiment of which I will be reporting the results right here on this blog in the next 3-6 months.

Now I want you to think of this question for a moment : What happens to friends of famous people ? (Think about Oprah’s friend Gayle. Or Dr Phil. Or Rachel Ray. Got the picture ?).

Is it highly likely that they will be become famous as well ? Without a doubt.

Successful people are experts at building networks. Tweet this

Every successful blogger lives by this fact.

For the past year or so I have been reading some of the best articles that have been written on the subject of building genuine relationships with influential bloggers and I am sharing those with you today.

n this post, you will learn how to ;

  1. Get influencers to notice you
  2. Get influencers to actually respond to your e-mail and social media messages instead of hitting the “DELETE” button
  3. Use that initial connection to build a genuine, mutually-beneficial relationship
  4. Grow your online presence because of that key relationship

CHALLENGE : When you are done reading this post, here is what I want you to do :

  1. Choose just one post out of the lot.
  2. Implement everything that particular post suggests
  3. Document your results
  4. E-mail the person who wrote that post to thank them for the post and report your results to them (you will be putting blogger outreach to use already !)
  5. E-mail and tell me as well to share your results from implementation and your interaction with the influencer ( I plan on featuring one reader per month on the blog and these are some of the stories I would like to share)

Are you ready ?

27+ Excellent Resources That Will Help You Promote Your Blog Using Blogger Outreach

Chances are you know a few influencers in your niche that are wildly popular. Chances are there are also some big names out there that you have no idea exist. These tools will help you identify and locate influencers in your niche so you can get this show on the road.

80% of your effort should go into promoting content you’ve already created.

To start out, this post Derek Halpern wrote tells you exactly why you need to focus more on blogger outreach as a content promotion tool – in fact, 80% of your efforts needs to be directed at promoting your content – and a great way to do this is to get your content in front of others bloggers who already have the audience you are planning to attract.

1) A 4-Step Blogger Outreach Tool for Identifying Influencers compiled by Kristen Matthews on Convince and Convert gives you an actual spreadsheet you can print out and start using to identify bloggers in your niche you may not already be aware of.

2) Blogger Outreach : How to Get Influencers to Promote Your Content for Free was written by Brian Dean on Boost Blog Traffic. It is hands down one of the best posts I have ever read on this subject. It is also the post that got me fired up about influencer outreach. It is long but very education and well worth your time.

3) There is a right way to connect with influencers and there is the SUPER WRONG way to do it. Avoid the mistakes and learn how to do it like Kevin Duncan who went from totally unknown to posting on Boost Blog Traffic in 6 months because of he expertly got on the radar of some big names.

4) In 3 Easy Outreach Hacks To Make Influential People Notice You, Tim Soulo shares some really neat non-sleazy ways to get in touch with influential bloggers he has used successfully. He even gives away 2 words you should never use in e-mails to an influencer.

5) Read about how Ryan Biddulph was featured in 14 places online in just 2 months because of influencer outreach and why this needs to shares your NUMBER ONE marketing strategy as a blogger and especially so when you are just starting out.

6) Kristen Matthews again outlines 4 of the Best Influencer Marketing case studies in 2015.  Even the big companies are using this to get ahead. How much more us ?

7) Everything You Need to know About Blogger Outreach is another massive post that delivers on useful thinking processes and techniques you should utilize when you are planning your blogger outreach campaigns.

8) Here’s how to use Twitter to accelerate your efforts at blogger outreach. I personally love Twitter so I highly recommend this post.

9) Here are 10 terms you should seriously eliminate from your blogger outreach e-mails.

10)Yes, it is possible to get on the radar of influential bloggers. You can even become friends with them.

11) Getting on their radar in the first place is not rocket science either.

12) What happens once  you get on the radar of these fine men and women ? You can collaborate with them and produce some beautiful things.

13) I know this is a post about building relationships with influential bloggers. However, it is possible to also grow your online brand in a massive way by finding your BBFs (best blog friends) who may be around the same stage or a little bit above your stage of growth. “Little” people become “big” people too so it’s best to not ignore them. Regina from byRegina offers 7 solid tips here on how to find best blog friends.

14) Neil Patel calls traffic you get from blogger outreach “endorsed traffic”. Endorsed traffic is qualified traffic because it taps into the audience you are trying to reach. And rightly so. Here is how you can get up to 1000 blog subscribers in 60 days with your new blog.

Remember this :  “To get a bump in qualified traffic, you need to connect with several sources of endorsed traffic.

15) If you have ever commented on a blog post of an influential blogger and wanted them to respond, here is how to get them to take that exact action. I am a huge advocate of leaving meaningful comments on other blogs just because it’s nice to say something about what the other person wrote PLUS it is a super cheap way to get on the radar of bloggers who otherwise would have very little time for you not because they are mean do-no-goods but simply because they are busy.

16) Ashley from MadLemmings also has a great perspective on this subject of blogger outreach and how it will truly propel your blog/brand. It’s one of those “technical but super useful if you actually get through it” kind of posts.

17) How to Develop A Solid Blog Outreach Strategy offers a practical guide to actually putting your blog strategy on paper (or Evernote or your thing of choice) and then executing it.

A lot of these tools I have listed below are actually mentioned in the blog posts I outlined above. However, if you like to play around with tools, here are ones I’d recommend.

18 ) NinjaOutreach – This is a Google Chrome extension and a standalone appication that has a free and paid version. It gives you data on blogs you visit and even more importantly will pull contact info for that blogger for you so you don’t have to go looking.

19 ) Buzzsumo – I love Buzzsumo. Ms Ileane from Basic Blog Tips has a post and course  (no affiliate relationship) on it. It is a little bit too pricey for me but it is a wonderful tool for researching popular blog posts.

20 ) Topsy – Topsy is a great tool for finding out what posts influencers are sharing.

21 ) Viral Content Buzz – I don’t use this tool as often as I would like to. However, it is good for sharing other bloggers’ content and building relationships.

22 ) Triberr – Triberr is a social media platform for bloggers. If you are not on it, get on it.

23) Inkybee – I actually just heard about Inkybee a few weeks ago and I am yet to try it out. Let me know in the comments if you have used it and what your feelings are about it.

24 ) Alltop – Alltop is useful for finding relevant blogs in your niche.

25) Open Site Explorer – Open Site Explorer is a little too technical for me but if you are a techie, you will love it.

Wrapping Up

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by all these resources.

As a matter of fact, it is a known fact that a majority of people who read this post, will not put any of the posts I have shared to use. Not a single one. It’s a simple but sad truth.

But YOU are not like that. So take just one of these posts. Do exactly what the post suggests. Report back to the blog owner what you’ve done and the results you got.

Your life and blog will be richer for it.

What do you think ? What has your experience with influencer outreach been like ? Let me hear it in the comments.