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Tell me if any of these sound familiar.

  • You made bad financial decisions and now you and your family are in a hole.
  • You are a busy working mom who wishes she could create different income streams outside your 9-5 so you can spend more time on the things that matter.
  • There is a long string of bills that arrive at your home that you are deathly afraid to open up because the truth is, you cannot pay them.
  • You are tired of being broke ALL.THE.TIME.

Yes ?

Being broke is NOT cute.

I have been there and I cannot describe the humiliation and stress that comes with it.

But thank God , I crept out of that hole !

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My name is Gertrude Nonterah (you may call me Gee for short or Dr. Gee, if you are one of those fancy types).

In 2015, I graduated with a shiny brand new PhD in Microbiology and Immunology.

In spite of all that education, my family and I found ourselves cornered into a financial tight-spot.

Long story short, I discovered how to leverage blogging and social media to build a profitable freelance business while working my 9-5 and now I am passionate about helping other busy working moms do the same thing.

While my freelance business is currently my #1 source of income, I also earn money through affiliate relationships, brand sponsorships, eBook/eCourse sales and ad revenue.

Can I hear someone say “INCOME STREAMS” ? !!

If you are that busy working mom who is simply tired of being broke and you are ready to start learning how to start creating income outside of your 9-5, you should check out the resources below.

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A few fun facts about me

  1. I am a wife & mommy to one very ACTIVE little boy.
  2. I grew up in Ghana in West Africa
  3. I cannot ride a bike
  4. I cannot swim either thus I tread carefully around ANY body of water including super shallow swimming pools.
  5. When Ghana lost in the quarter-finals of the Soccer World Cup in 2010, I was heart-broken for 3 days
  6. I have been told I have an “accent”. My response to that ? EVERYBODY has an accent. It just depends on the context.
  7. I secretly like American football. This is borderline treacherous if you’re from a soccer nation.
  8. I come from a family of over-achievers. Getting a doctorate in the medical sciences was non-negotiable.


So now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get to know you !

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Dr. Gee.