Hack Your Kindle : How To Access Highlights and Notes You Make On Your Kindle Device

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This is going to sound completely nerdy but, the other day a conversation came up in a group I am a part of about how best people were filing away content they had read.

Because I commute for roughly an hour each way to work, I find it unwieldy to always carry a book with me and so I have a tablet on which I do a lot of my reading. Well, it just so happens that if you highlight anything in your Kindle app ; it does not matter if it is on your phone or your tablet or  computer ; you can access the full list of highlights and notes you have made simply by going to kindle.amazon.com and accessing them there !

Yes, you have your very own personal Amazon Kindle page that stores all the books you have bought on Kindle as well as stores all those highlights and notes you make in Kindle from any device automatically. (I know, I know. This is screaming “nerd” right now. But stay with me).

What this means is that if you are like me who reads and does research for my information products, this is an extremely useful hack that will really revolutionize your filing system for the ideas gleaned from books you read so that you can revisit them later and distill whatever great insight made you highlight that portion of the book in the first place.

I created a short video for peeps who might be interested in learning this really useful tool !

Here we go. I hope you enjoy it.