6 Amazing Alternatives To LeadPages

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If you have an online business, you know by now that you should be collecting e-mails.

You are collecting e-mails right ??

Well, even that piece of information has eluded you until right this minute, you’ve landed in the right place. I will say this right now and right here – if you are not building a database of potential clients and customers AKA an e-mail list, you should start building one ASAP.

What tools do you need to build an e-mail list ?

At the very root of it, you will need 3 major things to build an e-mail list.

  1. An compelling e-mail freebie of some sort to get people to sign up for your list.
  2. An e-mail service provider to host your subscribers + to send your subscribers e-mail from e.g Mailchimp, Aweber or ConvertKit.
  3. A beautifully designed sign up form/box or landing page to collect e-mails with.

I am here to talk about NUMBER 3 today.

Your e-mail freebie has to be compelling enough to make people WANT to sign up but having done this for the past few years, the ease of use and design of your sign up form/box or landing page also has a significant impact on how well a visitor to your blog convert to a subscriber.

LeadPages is no doubt a powerful leader in the e-mail marketing space. However, I regularly come across the question “are there any alternatives for LeadPages out there” ?

Today I am going to present 6 different tools that are just as effective in helping you achieve the same end goal as LeadPages (with some having even slightly better features than LeadPages).

Thrive Landing Pages/Content Builder

One of the tools I invested in last year as I was beginning to level up my blogging life was Thrive Landing Page/Content Builder. I currently use this in concert with my ActiveCampaign account and it works wonders for me.

Thrive Landing Pages comes as a downloadable WordPress plugin and starts at a one-time price of $67 for a single site and $97 if you want to use it on multiple sites.

Because I use Thrive personally I can attest to their truly amazing features :

  • A library of over 160 easily-customizable , tested landing page templates of ALL types – video pages, webinar pages, etc thrive landing page content builder review
  • You can create pop-up Lightboxes like the one I created below. It is just like creating a page so you can grab the lightbox link and stick it anywhere you would like and when people click, it comes upscreen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-33-51-pm
  • Because you can create the landing page as a regular page on your WordPress site, you easily customize the link to your website without people knowing it’s from Thrive. Example : I can have myonlinebizjourney.com/sample as opposed to myonlinebizjourney.leadpages.com/sample which is something I commonly see with LeadPages. Honestly, I have not tested to see if these 2 link format types affect conversion but in case I am doing a live video and I want to send someone to the page, I can just give them the simpler link without having to shorten it using bit.ly or anything like that.

I highly recommend this if you are in the beginning to intermediate stages of your online biz journey and need a simple, easily customizable platform.

**Check out Thrive Landing Pages Here.**


OptimizePress is another “pay once and done” landing page solution starting at $97 for 3 sites you own and run. But it is also MORE than just a landing page builder.

In fact, when I was making the decision to buy a landing page plugin last year, the choice I had to make was between OptimizePress and Thrive Landing Pages.

A great selling point for OptimizePress is that you can choose to use it to build your whole WordPress website and even skip using a theme altogether. It also has lots of fancy integrations and tools to help your website be more functional. Of course, some of these will require that you have some knowledge of coding. Thus OptimizePress is almost intuitively built for more advanced WordPress users.


Instapage starts at $29/month but you can try them out for free (with limited features).

I tried it out briefly almost 2 years ago and found it very simple to set up and use.


Another one I tried and loved !!


You can use Ontrapages for free for up to 2500 monthly visitors.

The thing with the free plan though is that the leads will not be delivered to your e-mail management system unless you sign up for the paid plan.

Ontrapages saves the e-mails for you and then you have to manually add them into your e-mail management system.

Ontrapages was super simple to use when I tried it out and you really do spend little time setting it up. They also have lightboxes and sign up forms you can create and place at different spots on your blog.


I tried Getresponse too.

I know , I know. I get around. LOL. I even wrote a post about it here.


Getresponse can function as an e-mail management system , a landing page builder, form builder, and allows you to keep track of your stats.

So in a way, it is an all-in-one e-mail marketing solution.

However, I did not like the fact that even though I was on a paid plan, I would still have to pay extra for certain features that were supposed to be included in my plan – but then really weren’t when I went to try to use them.

On top of that their autoresponder set-up was SO confusing to me. Eventually even though I was initially drawn to it as an alternative to Mailchimp, I stopped using it.

Nonetheless, for the value they provide and at the price they provide it at, I would say that Getresponse is a good tool.


Russell Brunson the author of DotCom Secrets, is the creator of Clickfunnels and from what I’ve seen just taking a look at their landing page and from seeing some big name bloggers use it, I would say it looks like an amazing tool.

Clickfunnels actually markets itself as more than just a landing page builder and appears to be a tool designed particularly for people who are serious about making money online from the get-go.


It is a website builder, an autoresponder, allows you to build shopping carts, do A/B split testing, membership site builder and SO MUCH more. It does come at a price – $97/month for up to 20,000 unique visitors and then it goes up to $297/month.

Because I am a believer in investing in the RIGHT tools if you intend to make your online venture a thriving business, I honestly think Clickfunnels is a deal if you/your business can afford it right now.

**You can get a free trial of Clickfunnels for 14 days.**

So Which Tool Should You Choose  ? My Take.

Obviously, even though each of the tools outlined above can help you achieve the end result of capturing information from potential leads, each of these tools is also designed with a different focus and for different people.

My piece of advice to you is for you to be CLEAR on what your business and marketing goals are and then choose a tool that aligns with your vision based on your personal research instead of simply depending on popular opinion.

Second thing. As you can see I tried a few tools before I finally settled on Thrive Landing Pages.

When faced with all the choices, try a handful of tools out. Stick with what comes naturally.

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LeadPages is no doubt a powerful leader in the e-mail marketing space. However, I regularly come across the question "are there any alternatives for LeadPages out there" ? Today I am going to present 6 different tools that are just as effective in helping you achieve the same end goal as LeadPages (with some having even slightly better features than LeadPages).

Do you use a tool I didn’t mention in the post ?

Mention it in the comments and tell me why you love your choice !