8 Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Thrive As A Blogger


Mindset shifts to become a successful blogger?

When I started out online, I didn’t think mindset was important.

As I’ve built my online business however, I’ve realized that mindset, and not just strategy, makes a huge difference between who becomes a successful blogger and who doesn’t.

In my 5 years as a blogger, I’ve learned that you can approach your blog and business with a “woe is me, why isn’t anybody buying from me/clicking my links” mindset.

Or you can approach it with a “I don’t care what happens, I am going to succeed” mentality.

It’s not magic but having a resilient mindset will help you become a successful blogger.

Here are 8 mindset shifts that will help you thrive as a blogger and online business owner.

8 mindset shifts that will help you thrive as a blogger

Depend on discipline instead of motivation.

Too many bloggers depend on motivation to succeed instead of being disciplined and developing everyday habits that will move them closer to success as a blogger.

Motivation is great.

It gives you all the feels and gets you pumped to take action.

But that’s it.

Motivation doesn’t actually do the work for you.

You have to make it a point to put in the daily work required to get you to your destination.

This could mean:

  • Researching topics for your blog
  • Batch creating content so you have content for days
  • Talking to members of your community (no matter how small) so you can gather ideas on what to create to sell
  • Connecting with other bloggers and entrepreneurs in person
  • Learning a new traffic strategy in-depth so you can have a new stream of traffic

There is daily work AKA discipline involved in becoming a successful blogger.

Get on that wagon.

Set healthy boundaries.

Today, someone reached out to me and asked if I could write them a cold email they could send out to businesses so they could kick-start their freelancing business.

I kindly refused to do that and mentioned that I had my own work to do.

I didn’t even mention the fact that I have a paid product that shows people how to write client-snatching emails.

This person write back and told me, “You can write it in your free time.

I couldn’t believe it.

Unfortunately, when you build an online brand, there will be complete strangers who expect you to be at their beck and call.

And they expect it all for free.

I am not against helping people for free.

I have 150+ videos on YouTube showing people how to make a living with blogging and freelance writing.

My blog has 80+ blog posts that do the same thing.

And I have a free email newsletter I’ve sent out since 2016.

I still need to pay my bills. I still need to hang out with my husband and son. And I have responsibilities for a myriad of other things.

As such, I value my free time.

I will give as much information as I can for free. But there is a line I don’t cross.

If you want to become a successful blogger, you will have to set those boundaries for yourself as well.

Overcome excuses. Find a way.

I once heard a mentor of mine say “If you don’t want to do something, you make excuses. If you want to do it, you find a way.”

Excuses are plenteous and I’m not one to downplay anybody’s excuses.

However, these excuses are not new.

Our ancestors before us had a version of them and long after we’re gone, our descendants will have them too.

Finding a way to overcome or work around those excuses is the mark of a successful blogger.

Successful bloggers plan ahead.

If you are waiting till the week of to come up with a blog post idea or you wait until August to think of a course you can create (yours truly has done this), you are already behind.

Yes, you can achieve some success with this type of plan. But it will not be the kind that’s sustainable.

Realize that you will fail many times. The key is to get back up.

I remember seeing this in a Facebook group, “I started my blog a month ago and I haven’t gotten any traction. I’m about to quit.”

My first response was shock.

And then I was sad.

I think somehow, when people see other entrepreneurs become successful, there is this little voice in their heads that tells them that the success came quickly.

But rarely…RARELY…have I seen an entrepreneur of any kind succeed within a month.

Yes, I’ve seen people who gained amazing business results in a year.

In those instances however, the entrepreneur had high-level coaching and implemented everything they had been taught by their coach.

Or they had used ads to accelerate their business.

Or there was an uncommon variable they had when they entered the market and so they were able to succeed quickly.

But if you don’t have $5000 to hire a coach or $20,000 to spend on ads per month, this doesn’t mean you cannot succeed.

You will grow at a slower pace and make more mistakes, because you’re boot-strapping.

This doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur compared to the other person.

Neither does it make your business a failure.

Realize that your voice matters.

“Somebody else has the same blog I want to have”.

This is why you should start a blog in that niche.


Because somebody has already blazed the trail for you.

There is a market for the information you have to share.

And your voice, while it may be different from the other bloggers who’ve gone before you, matters.

Don’t complain about a lack of time.

Remember what I said about excuses?

It applies here too.

If you can make time to watch Black Panther on Netflix 7 nights in a row (hello 15+ hours), you can make time for your blog and business.

(As a side note however, Black Panther could in fact qualify as a priority under the right circumstances ;))

Never stop investing in yourself.

If you treat your blog like a business, you will not be afraid to invest in mentors to help you get ahead.

Getting mentors is not always the cheapest endeavor; but it doesn’t have to cost you everything either.

Perhaps you can afford a $20 book today.

Get it, study it and implement the strategies in there.

Once you see growth, see how you can get to the next step by investing in another great product to help you move ahead.

I live by the philosophy that the more I invest, the higher I will go.

One new idea from a mentor or resource can change the course of my business and in my case, it has.

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