How to Create A Blogging Workflow That Makes Sense

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We’ve heard it over and over again.

If you want to build an online platform and get the perks that can come with it, starting a blog is the way to go.

The truth about building a blog though ? It’s a lot of hard work.

At least a lot more work that I ever thought it would be.

There is so much information out there that it can get confusing really fast as to where to get started and what to expect when you get started with a blog.

So I created a blogging workflow to help me avoid analysis paralysis/spectator syndrome which helps me stay on track creating content and building my blog.

I decided to share and hope you’ll find it useful.

1) Research your blog post

What’s similarity between an Oscar winner and a super-star blogger ?

They both do excellent research.

The internet is filled with enough fluff, rehashed content and “me-too”-ness.

Putting the work into researching your blog post and providing readers with something that helps them meet an end goal in a meaningful and unique way makes you stand out.

I’ve listed a few resources that will help you get started with researching your blog posts.

Google Keyword Planner : This will give you a wealth of info on what kinds of terms people are looking for in relation to your subject.

Books : Readers are leaders. Business books. Business magazines. Biographies. Novels. Everything readable is game here – even your cereal box. I remember Zig Ziglar mentioning in one of his books that he read 3 hours everyday. He said it helped him come up with brand new ideas every single day.

Reading will give you ideas for blog posts and the information you need to start crafting one. Your writing style will also improve.

Quora : I love Quora for the simple fact that anyone , anywhere in the world is able to ask a question and have it “crowd”-answered. I’ve caught myself on a few occasions becoming caught up in the vortex that Quora can be.

However, beyond just reading some of the truly brilliant answers people give to all kinds of questions on Quora, you can find great content starters on there.

Short on blog ideas ? Go to Quora and look at some of the questions people are asking in your chosen niche and write a blog post to answer it. If someone asked it, it’s likely there are hundreds or maybe thousands of other people who are looking for answers to that question as well.

Facebook Groups/Forums : Here is another place you can turn to for questions people are looking for answers to. And having been a part of several well-functioning  Facebook Groups, similar questions surrounding specific topics come up very often.

Online Research Sources : If you want to incorporate dependable research into your blog posts, websites like Infoplease and Gallup are good resources.

Side Note : I found this resource Carol Amato wrote as a guest post useful if you really want to dive into research for your blog.

2) Time to create content

Once you’ve done the background research on your post, it’s of course time to create the content.

Here are some pointers to make sure you blow it out of the water.

Brainstorm your headline. People read your headlines before anything else. You have 10 seconds to make it a great one or you lose your readers forever. A blog that has some truly genius blog headlines is Boost Blog Traffic. I even have a print out of Jon Morrow’s 52 Headline Hacks in my bedside drawer and refer to it for ideas now and then.

Write a gripping intro. It follows the same logic as the headline. Once you’ve been successful in grabbing the attention of your reader. It’s time to convince that your post is worth reading. Copyblogger is a great blog to go and learn how to open up like a pro.

Create a blog graphic. You will eventually share your post on social media, it helps to have an amazing looking blog graphic.

Free downloads + Printables. I don’t always create these myself, but you can always create useful accompaniments to go with your blog posts that your readers can download (Yes. That’s extra work. I never said this was going to be easy). Regina from byRegina does this very well. I have a folder full of her blogging worksheets.

Free downloads and printables also work well as an e-mail list-building tool.


Include a call-to-action to engage readers.  I usually put a question at the end of my blog posts to get a conversation going in the comments. You could put a call-to-action in that asks people to share your blog posts or connect on social media. It’s really up to you what you want your call-to-action to be.

Links to relevant posts . If there are other blog posts on your blog or one that another blogger has written that you think will be helpful to your readers, link it within the blog post.

3)Share your blog post on social media

My social media platforms of choice are Twitter and Pinterest. They’ve served me well and helped me connect with other bloggers as well.

Share your post on whatever platform your “people” are mostly to hang out on.

Creating versions of your blog graphic that are optimized for the different social media platforms also helps to make your social media strategy effective. Canva allows you to do this very easily.

4)Network with other bloggers

Blogger Networking 101 (the condensed version).

a) Leave useful + insightful comments on their blog posts. Be genuine and add value instead of being self-promotional.

b) Share their blog posts (I find Twitter very useful for this)

c) E-mail them thanking them for the blog post and what you learned from the blog post

d) If you want to take it even further, put one thing they have written about into practice and report on your results in an e-mail to them.

For a long time, I ignored networking with other bloggers mainly because I had an inferiority complex and I was not sure how to go about it.

If you are in that place, let me suggest Triberr to you.

Ryan Biddulph and Basic Blog Tips both have amazing blog posts on Triberr and how to use it.

5)E-mail your list

If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now ! Ha.

6)Promote it with paid ads

Like our parents told us growing up “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”.  If you can afford it, promote your blog posts with some paid ads. Don’t go overboard with it and test everything. I’ve gotten some great results from Facebook ads.

7) Engage your blog commenters

Engage people who land on your blog and leave a comment. People took the time to leave you a comment. They didn’t have to. It’s just polite to respond.

Of course, as your blog grows bigger (something we all want), it may be impossible to engage every single blog commenter. Just do your best in that case.

8) Thank & engage people who share your content on social media

Same concept as above. They took time to share your content. Take the time to say thanks.

And there you have it.

A workflow for your blog you can use over and over again.

What do you think ? If this is helpful to you, I’d love to hear it in the comments.