10 Ways To Build Buzz For Your Book On Social Media

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Fact : you can have the best book on a subject out there. And yet if nobody knows of the existence of your book, your book might as well be non-existent. This post will be useful to you if you have a book in the works and might even be helpful if you already have a book out there that you would like to create more awareness for.

This post was sparked by a conversation I had with a group of friends on Saturday. All these ideas for promoting and building buzz for an upcoming book started coming to me and so I (naturally!) decided to create a post on the topic.

Here’s the Periscope video where I share and discuss all 10 points I share in today’s post (for those of you who would rather listen to me speak !)


I sincerely believe each of these points deserves a blog post of it’s own but that will be for another day. Here are 10 ways to build buzz for your upcoming book on social media.

Pull Quotes From Your Book + Create Graphics For Them

You are writing a book which means you have created some pretty amazing sentences worth quoting, right ? Well friend, pull those quotes and use Canva or Adobe Spark to create an image for social media and share it.

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Create A Tip-o-graphic

A “tip-o-graphic” is simply a graphic that contains a tip from your book. It teaches a bite-sized piece of content that packs value and helps your audience members achieve a specific goal.

Talk About It On Your Live Streams 

I am a BIG FAN of live streaming and so naturally I had to add this in here. What are the ways you could talk about your upcoming book on live stream ?

  • Take your audience on your book-writing journey with you. Show them your process for outlining your chapters and getting the book written. Are you using a particular software to write ? Is there a transcription service you are using to get your recorded audios into written format ? Tell them ! People love to come along on the journey and will feel like they own a part of the project
  • Teach a multi-part series from the book
  • Talk about a handy cheat-sheet from the book and how it can help your ideal client solve a problem

And those are just 3 ways to talk about your book on live stream.

(BTW, if you’re not following me on Periscope – @geenonterah – that’s my handle).

Have Your Audience Vote On A Book Cover

First of all, whether we like it or not, people do judge books by the cover. Secondly, there is A LOT of noise out there and you need to be able to cut through that. So your cover has to be GOOD.

So now, you are almost at the end of your book-writing journey and you’ve used a service like 99designs or designcrowd or an independent professional designer to source a cover for your book. Choose 3-4 of those designs and have your audience vote & give you feedback on the cover on social media. You can do this on live stream , send it out in an e-mail to your subscribers or ask people who already follow you on social media.

Even if all you get is 10 responses, those are 10 golden responses/opinions on a book cover you would not otherwise have.

Give Your Audience A Chance To Contribute To Chapters

This is business 101 – find out what your audience wants and create it for them. People buy solutions to their problems. So why not give your audience a chance to ask questions you can answer with your book ?

Create a Blog Post/Podcast/Video series on a Concept In The Book

This is a no-brainer. It could be a 3-part series on just one chapter of your book. It will give your audience a great teaser and keep them in anticipation of your book.

Create an Amazon Launch Page & Have Your Audience Pre-order

I saw Lewis Howes do this with his book and I saw Michael Hyatt do this successfully as well. They set set up an Amazon Kindle page with a date of release and the ability to pre-order . If you are talking about your book on live stream, getting your audience involved in picking covers and creating content and done all the other things I have mentioned above, getting people to pre-order will be much easier than simply launching the book into thin air and then attempting to create buzz for it.

Share In Facebook Groups

If you are a member of Facebook Groups that allow you to promote yourself, this is a great place to share about your upcoming book as well. Word of caution – don’t spam people with your content ! It never works and you WILL lose credibility. So respect the rules of the group and only promote and talk about your work when it is allowed.

Leverage Visually-Driven Platforms

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform. It is also a HUGE driver of traffic for my blog and so I was not going to end this post without adding this : leverage visually-driven platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for your book. Quote graphics, tip graphics, pictures of you working hard at your best-seller, first looks of the physical book etc are all wonderful ways to let people know about your book and get them interested in buying as soon as it launches.

Run Paid Ads

And last but not least, paid ads are the bomb.com. But let’s get some facts straight.

Instead of running ads to people who have NO IDEA who you are and sending them directly to the sales page for your book hence wasting precious money in the process, run those types of “cold traffic” ads to some kind of e-mail opt-in where you provide them with a useful cheat-sheet or even to one of the blog post/podcast/video series you created from above.

This is an effective way of converting that cold traffic into warm traffic who will be more likely to buy your book.

Of course, you can run paid ads add retargeting pixels to and do the whole “shebang” when it comes to people who already know about you as well.

So you want to write a best-selling book , huh ?

There you have it. 10 ways to build buzz for your book on social media.

I want to stress of this : it will be a waste of time and effort to do all these and not direct people to an e-mail opt-in of some sort. So keep this in mind as you’re busy building buzz on social media. Having an e-mail list of hungry subscribers gives you a pool of people who will readily buy your book once it is released.

The best results always come with diligence (also, preaching to myself here). If you’re diligent with even a handful of the points I just shared I have no doubt that come launch day for your book, you will have a best-seller on your hands.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.