9 Places Online That Allow You To Build Connections With Other Bloggers (and drive traffic to your blog)

There are two ingredients you cannot become a successful blogger without.

  1. Traffic
  2. Connections with other bloggers

You want to know another true fact ? About 90% of the time, you will not get number 1 if you don’t have number 2.

Mistakes of My Youth

When I began blogging 3+ years ago, I was naive and thought that if I wrote great content, people would eventually find me via the search engines and I would rise to blog fame in no time.

I would seriously blog and then pray that I would have a 1000 people visit my site in one day.

Prayer is great BUT that did not cure my blog of the syndrome of obscurity. Getting out of my own skin and building relationships with other bloggers did.

I recently did a Periscope episode where I shared my (somewhat) systematized method of promoting my blog content each time I write a new post and I noticed from audience comments & questions that a lot of people are simply not aware of the places on the internet where they can go to start forming those oh-so-needful connections and relationships with other bloggers.

If you are in that place , I am giving you a cure for that today.

I could certainly list more than 9 of these kinds of communities but I am keeping it simple and to the point because more than having you read a list, I want you to be able to take action on the info I am about to give you – choose a handful (aka at least 5 of these suggestions) and get active on there.

You will be surprised at how much your blog will GROW in a matter of months.

Let’s get to it.


Cost : Free but paid plans available

I love Triberr. I have only been on there for about 6 months and it is one of my top ten referral sources of traffic.

How Triberr works

It is super easy to sign up for a Triberr account. I am currently signed up through my Twitter account. You can do the same thing.

Once you sign up, click on the Tribes tab to start looking for tribes to join.

Triberr getting started 2

Choose a category your blog fits into.

Getting Started with Triberr 3

A list of tribes should come up once you do that and all you do is start following some of those Tribes.

Getting Started with Triberr 4

Obviously, the better the reach number, the better.

Although, I would not shy away from smaller groups with a smaller reach because it might be your opportunity to shine.

Another thing to make sure of is that this group has active members/followers who share/ comment frequently as well as a chief who is active on the platform. Thankfully I am part of tribes where the leaders are super active. The whole point of Triberr is to for bloggers to discover one another’s content & promote each other. The whole point of it is lost if you are not doing that.

When you click on a particular tribe, right under the Tribe banner are two tabs “About” and “Members”. You can find if the members/followers of this tribe are active or not and if it is worth your time investing in the tribe.

Getting Started with Triberr 5

How to get the most out of Triberr

Its a social platform for bloggers so be “SOCIAL”. Share. Comment on people’s blogs on Triberr. Actually click through to their blogs and leave a meaningful comment on there as well. You reap what you sow. If you constantly upload your posts and share nobody else’s you will find no benefit to Triberr.

I typically spend about an 1-3 hours each week on Triberr engaging other people’s content and queuing up posts I especially find intriguing in my Buffer to be shared via my social media channels.

2)Facebook Groups

Cost : Free

Can I just say I totally dislike blatant, selfish self-promotion in Facebook groups when it is not the day for that self-promotion ?

Don’t be that person. And if you are that person you need to repent from right NOW.

Facebook Groups are an opportunity for you to learn & help other people out. I know sometimes the owners of these groups will give members an opportunity to share their work but please refrain from doing so (or placing affiliate links {{{gaah}}) when it has not been called for.

Tips on getting the most out of Facebook Groups

a) Log into Facebook for 10-20 minutes each day and look to see if someone has asked a question that has not been answered yet. If you have an answer, type it in and give the person some meaningful feedback.

b) Become a thought leader. Okay. This does not mean you should CONSTANTLY voice YOUR opinion on a particular subject. Start a thread that celebrates something that is working in your business or a tool you’ve found incredibly useful. Or even maybe something you are struggling with but don’t be the whiner who comes to complain bitterly about your boss. (Your boss may be the devil’s cousin – we understand that. But remember you will be a boss someday and you will not want people to talk about you in a similar manner.)

Bottom line is – become a conversation starter. Once a week for this is fine. You will be amazed at how people take to you after that. They will want to know more about you and the next time a subject comes up in the group, guess whose name will be thrown about without you asking ?

I recently shared something that was working in my biz in the Smart Passive Income FB group. 53 people liked it and it got 13 comments (excluding replies to those comments). I did not do it expecting that many people to like it or comment on it but it happened. The key here is to be genuine.

fb post

c) Make sure to link your website/FB page for your biz to your personal FB bio. This way, when people start noticing your super helpful self and they hover over your FB profile pic, they will get to know what you are about.

I understand that not all of us want to have people outside of our immediate circle to know what we are doing. I was like that for a long time. I have however come to the conclusion that I cannot please everyone and trying to is pretty useless.

So whether peeps were happy with the fact that I have a blog I am building on the side or not,  I was going to put it out there. What happened when I put that on my profile ?

I don’t even think anyone noticed.

And even if they do notice, all it will say about you is that you are more epic than they thought you were.

3) Blokube

Costs : starts at 1.99 British Pounds

I just joined Blokube about 2 months ago and so far it has been great. I must confess I have not been so great when it comes to connecting with people on there because I have not made the time (bad Gertrude !) but it certainly has been driving a decent amount of traffic to my blog. Blokube is a paid platform (roughly $3/month) and has been well worth it so far.


4) Periscope

Cost : Free

Periscope is by far my favoritest (I make up my own words around here) social media platform EVER !

If you are completely unaware of what Periscope is : it is a live streaming app that you can download onto your phone or tablet. You create your own shows and pretty much can do anything on there.

From a business and blogging stand-point as well as being the person who does not always have time for other “static” platforms like Facebook or Instagram, I find live streaming via my cell phone very exciting. I currently stream once a day on my @geenonterah account teaching blogging tips.

Here is what Periscope has allowed me to achieve

a) Get coaching clients

b) Connect on a deeper level with readers of my blog

c) Find new readers for my blog + email subscribers (I have gotten at least 40 e-mail subscribers in the 8-week period I have been scoping).

d) I got a web design gig from scoping and will possibly be helping another blogger with creating better content & promoting her blog.

e) Forge collaborations that did not exist just 8 weeks ago.

That is A LOT for just 8 weeks of being on Periscope. And some people have done even better. So the sky really is the limit with what you can do with this.

If you are having trouble getting started, I have included a handy Periscope video guide I did for you. Let me know if it is useful and if you would like me to be on your very first scope !

5) Inbound.org

Cost : Free

I just got started on Inbound.org and I love it for the quality of content you find on there. A lot of people on there are professional marketers and/or people who have been successful at building out their ventures. Apart from actually getting to build meaningful relationships with these bloggers as well as share your own content, you will get access to top-notch content you can curate.

You can easily sign up for Inbound.org using your Twitter account.

6) Medium

Cost : Free


Like it says on the homepage, medium allows you to read, write and interact with people’s work from all around the world.

There are people and companies that actually set up their whole blogs on medium.com. I don’t like that strategy personally.

I am more of the “set up your own blog but publish some of your pieces that don’t exactly fit on your blog on here so that you 1) get your content/brand/biz in front of fresh eyes and 2) get an authoritative backlink to your site which helps SEO and most important 3)interact with other content creators who may share your ideas” kind of person.


Cost : Free

I have known about Bloglovin as long as I have been blogging but I have never joined it. Nevertheless, a lot of blogging stars have been made by Bloglovin so if you check them out and it jives with your vibe, totally sign up and start connecting.

Another nice thing about Bloglovin – you can download the Bloglovin app onto your mobile device and enjoy all of it’s benefits without ever sitting at a computer.

I love apps.


Cost : Starts at 9.99 British Pounds

Free traffic is great and we should all strive for it. But if you do need to get a headstart with a blog traffic and cannot wait for dear old Google to finally discover your great content, paying for traffic is not wrong at all.

Apart from driving traffic to your blog, Blogengage is another place you can connect and build relationships with other bloggers. You can check out all the benefits of Blogengage here.


Cost : Free

On Quora, people ask questions and other people answer them.  Occasionally, I will find a question on there that makes me go “Oh no, they did not ask that question ? ! ” (Insert Gertrude rolling her eyes at this person from afar.)


Nevertheless, there are still questions on there you will not be annoyed to answer.

Answering them will start to make you look good and you NEVER know who might be reading your answers. I know that major hitters like Neil Patel, Ramit Sethi and James Altucher frequently read & answer questions on Quora.

Talk about getting noticed by influencers !

Plus, let’s not forget that if you do add a link back to your site on Quora, that is yet another backlink to an authoritative site which can greatly help you with SEO.

Let’s Wrap This Baby Up – Burrito Style ?

Wrapping a baby up burrito style is totally a thing  – just in case you thought I was being goofy.

Anyway, if you have been scratching your head and asking “how am I going to drive traffic to my blog and get all these heavy hitters to notice me?”, I just gave you 9 answers to that question.

Now go & take action.


Leave me a comment below to let me know if you are using any of these platforms I just shared or if there is one you love to use that I did not mention.