3 Steps To Uncovering Your Blogging Niche [VIDEO POST]

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3 steps to choosing your blogging niche

You want to start a blog but you are not sure where to get started ?

This is where a lot of beginner bloggers over-think and truly stress themselves out !

In today’s video, I share 3 things you can do to help you narrow down what is popularly known in this space as your “niche”.

Caution here : don’t get bogged down by minutiae and get crippled by this process.

There are bloggers successfully doing this who have focussed narrowly on a niche and there are others who have different interests and have made it work.

One thing that helped me tremendously is to write about things I am doing or learning and share that with aspiring solopreneurs.

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Choosing a blogging niche can be overwhelming. In this post, you will discover 3 super essential tips that will help you FINALLY decide what it is you want to blog about.