Constant Contacts ? {Part 1 of 3} – How to Build Blog Culture By Engaging Your E-mail Subscribers

E-mail Content

A few weeks ago, I sent out a 3-question survey asking what readers of this blog would be interested in learning about and I was excited to get feedback on what some of you are struggling with and would like some content on.

Today’s blog post is based on one of the questions I received from that survey that I hope you will find useful.

You will find this useful even if you currently don’t have an e-mail list and are looking to build your very own list of constant contacts.

Here is the exact question : I’d like to see how you come up with content to send via e-mail marketing.

Great question !

I decided to shoot a quick video answering this question and have also included a simple worksheet to help you work through what I talk about in the video.

Main Points from the video :

1) When you start building your list, build relationships in a genuine manner. A super effective way to do this is to imagine that your reader/email subscriber is sitting across the table from you and you are having a friendly chat.

Get rid of the pretense and just be yourself. People are attracted to authenticity.

2) Define exactly who your avatar is. Yes, this will change over time and as your blog grows but it is important to figure exactly who you are talking to so that you can be specific in addressing their concerns with your blog/e-mail content.

Download this completely free worksheet to help you figure that out . Click on the document image below to access the worksheet.

worksheet 1


Did you find this post useful ?

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