8 Content Curation Tools That Make You Look Like A Super Hero

Content curation got you down ? Here are 8 tools that will make you look like a content curation hero.

One of the things I do in my role as a social media manager for small local businesses is to find relevant content in a given niche and curate it as part of the social media strategy I have to come up with for my clients.

Companies however are not the only folks who can benefit from intelligently curating the kind of content that will resonate with their audience. You can benefit from it as a blogger/solopreneur as well.

Learning to curate content properly will;

  1. Give you content you can fill your social media calendar with
  2. Help you build authority in your chosen niche with excellent content you did not have to create.
  3. Sharing other people’s content in a meaningful way has a nice added plus of getting you noticed by some pretty cool people & opens doors to relationships that would otherwise would not have happened. Seriously. Try it.

Here’s the thing with social media : you don’t want to be sharing YOUR content all the time. No brainer but I see people do it all the time.

Of course social media is a wonderful promotional tool for each of our businesses but promoting YOU and yours only will have people very quickly disinterested  in what you have to say especially when you are just starting out.

So one of my favorite things to do of course is to search for and collect some of the best posts written on a subject and add them into the mix of social media content whether it is for myself or for my clients.

Of course, sometimes finding the tools to actually do the research is a toughie (at least it was for me when I first started blogging) and so I decided to put together this post to help you research , discover and curate some of the best posts in your niche so you can look like a hero to your social media following.

DISCLAIMER : There are SEVERAL excellent tools you can use for content curation that I do not mention here. The following are tools I have personally found useful in my content curation process.

8 Content Curation Tools That Make You Look Like A Super Hero


One of my favorite tools and a tool which has helped me grow massively this year is Triberr. I describe Triberr in detail here.

Triberr is more or less a social media platform for bloggers that allows you to discover content in different niches. There are “tribes” you can join and where you can interact with people’s content. If you are a blogger/solopreneur and you are not on Triberr, I strongly encourage you to join.

Blogging heavyweights like Sue Anne Dunlevie, Carol Amato, Ileane Smith and Adam Connell are all very active on Triberr.

Content Gems

Content Gems is one of my most recent discoveries. It serves more as a place where every single day, new content is served up based on your area of interest. They offer both a free and paid version. The free version allows you to choose 2 interest areas and the paid gives you more.

I get an e-mail on a daily basis summarizing fresh content in my interest areas and I use a lot of those recommendations in my social media plans.

Medium Daily Digest

I enjoy Medium for it’s artsy almost hipster feel.

I am signed up for Medium’s Daily Digest so just like Content Gems, my e-mail gets served with several fresh stories everyday that are worth engaging with and sharing.

Perfect example from Cammi Pham on Medium- Why I stopped helping people and why you should too

Does that scream “shareable” or what ?!


Inbound.org is great if you are into marketing, entrepreneurship & start-up life. Apart from allowing you to share your own content with the Inbound Community, it is also a great place to discover new and most of the time super actionable entrepreneurial advice.


Alltop has everything you need. Need to find a blog on bee-farming that has great content ? Forget Google (for just a minute, LOL) ! You will find it on Alltop !

Facebook & Twitter Trends 

Facebook and Twitter make it easy for you to know what is trending. Twitter is by far my most active platform and occasionally, I will click through the trends and just see what people are saying about it.

I then think of a way to insert myself into the conversation BUT only in a way that will either educate or entertain my audience. If you do this well, you not only could gain followers but your existing followers will realize that there is a real person behind the social media profile and not simply a bunch of perfectly scheduled posts.


I must admit that I don’t use Scoop.it as much as I would like to but I am on the platform and use it around 1-2 times per month. Nonetheless, Scoop.it is certainly an excellent place to share your own content so that it is discovered.

You also get to “scoop” other people’s content on your own page and kind of keep it for later when you want to share or refer back to it. Very neat tool.


And then of course there is good old Buzzsumo. You can type in a phrase or keyword and find blogs that have written on that topic that have gotten a lot of shares. Viral content usually is viral for a reason and so it would be worth your time clicking over and researching those posts and adding it into your mix if need be.

The best features of Buzzsumo can be uncovered if you are using the Pro version which starts at $99 per month. If you are just starting out on your journey and this is too pricey, no worries, the free can suffice for now.

I just gave you 8 tools that will help you curate better content and look like *insert your fave super hero here* to your audience.

Do you curate content ? Is there a tool here you use that I did not mention ? Plop it in the comments below.