How To Create A Signature Look For Yourself That Will Make Your Online Brand Stand Out

Create A Signature Look For Your Online Brand

Hola amigos/amigas ! Today’s post was written by Sophie Areli of Timeless Modesty and focuses on creating a signature look for YOURSELF that allows you to stay top of people’s minds online. I enjoyed the post thoroughly trust you will too. Take it away Sophie.

You’ve figured out who you are, what you do, and how much you charge.

You’ve zoomed in on a target market.

You’ve decided on an appealing look and feel for your website.

Your content is helpful, edited, and ready to go!

Everything seems on brand.

But, before you hit publish on your next article, or open the doors to your new online business, there’s one more thing you can do; add value to the experience your customers get when they land on your website or blog.

Make sure your physical appearance is on brand with your business!

People like to see who they are talking to and who they are buying from.  That’s one of the reasons why so many solopreneurs have photos of themselves on their “about” pages.

And, according to a 2011 survey done with both US and UK participants, 60% of consumers were more likely to consider or contact a business that included images in local search results (Survey done by BrightLocal).

Therefore, a photo of yourself should be included on your website.

However, don’t just add any photo.  Take the extra time to consider if the picture you choose for your website or blog will add to your brand or take away from it.

Here are 4 questions to ask when selecting photos of yourself for your online business (aka how to create a signature look for your online brand that helps YOU stand out):

  1.  If your website or blog were an online storefront, would your personal photos help convert your visitors to customers?


According to Mustafa Khundmiri, the co-founder of Foundora (a knowledge hub for entrepreneurs), “People no longer want to browse a website, they want to experience it.  Using the right images can boost your site’s conversions and get you to connect better with your target audience.”

In the statement above, Mustafa was talking about using images throughout your website to boost your conversion rate.  I believe the same tip should be applied to the way you portray yourself on your website or blog.

By carefully selecting an on brand picture of yourself for your blog, you can enhance your business and boost your chance of converting a reader into a buyer.

Do you need to see an example of this?

Here’s a screenshot of the bright image that Goal Coach Monique Malcolm is using on the homepage of her Keep Chasing The Stars website.  As a subscriber to her blog and potential consumer of her products, I immediately get a “joyful” and “dreamy” feeling when I look at the image that she chose to display.


Website Image credit: Monique Malcolm, Keep Chasing The Stars


Monique helps “star chasers” (people who want to go after their dreams) take the steps they need to take in order to reach their business goals.  In other words, she helps dreamers become doers.

Is the image she’s displaying on her frontpage on brand?  Yes.  Her photo puts a “dreamy” and “ambitious” look into an office setting.  As a potential buyer going by this picture alone, I am enticed to buy whatever she is selling.


  1.  If your website gave consumers advice on how to solve a problem, would you look like an authority on the subject you were helping them with?


Sometimes as solopreneurs, we work hard on the look of our websites, but then we fall short in looking the part for the business we’ve just created.


In order to add weight to the online authority of your business, you must invest in how you appear to the audience that’s listening to you.


Website Image Credit: Krystal Scott, The Feisty House


For example, if you want to teach someone how to be successful, then you should take the time to appear well put together yourself.  When you dress for success, people will gravitate towards you because you “look” like who they want to be or who they want to imitate.

In the above photo, Krystal Scott from The Feisty House is doing just that.  Krystal is a faith based lifestyle blogger who is focused on empowering women to use their individuality and creativity to become the best versions of themselves.

She is also building a platform for entrepreneurial women of color to share their experiences with others.

Does the picture she is using on her “about” page match what she’d like to do for others?  Yes.  In her photo, Krystal is wearing an outfit (bright green skirt) that makes her look both professional and approachable.

She also adds to her business by including a photo of the women she’s worked with in her about me page.  By doing so, she gives consumers the sense that she is an authority in her field, therefore gaining their trust.


  1.  Does the image you’re presenting of yourself online create an emotional connection with your audience?

International photographer and educator Jasmine Star has been voted as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, yet she is the most down to earth successful and creative entrepreneur that I’ve ever learned from.

jasmine 1

Website Image credit: Jasmine Star


Jasmine constantly teaches her students how to create relationships and make connections with their customers.  She is one of the first people I learned from in regards to branding my online business and giving it a personal feel so that it relates to my audience.


jasmine 2

Website Image credit: Jasmine Star

Jasmine is also someone who knows the benefit of separating her blog from her business website in order to reach two different target markets.

Her business website is specifically for those interested in being photographed by her, whereas, her blog is for photographers who want to learn how to enhance their own businesses.

Jasmine’s blog and business website both create an emotional connection with her consumers because she has included personal videos and photo stories on both sites.


  1.  As a solopreneur, are you ready to create a polished signature look for yourself that will enhance your online business presence?


Imagine a comment section on a blog where every commenter’s photo looked similar.  You scroll down the page and visually, no one really stands out.

Now, what would happen if you used an engaging personal photo of yourself in the comment section instead?  Wouldn’t people immediately be drawn to your picture wondering what you or your business was all about?

comments sectionAs we’ve seen, adding a signature style photo of yourself to your online presence can do wonders for business.  It can be just what you need to make yourself memorable in a sea full of online entrepreneurs.

To help you get started in creating a signature look for yourself, I have a free video course for women over on my Timeless Modesty website.  In my video course, I will show you (step by step) how to put together a fashionable 15 piece capsule wardrobe for your online business.

This small and manageable capsule wardrobe can help you leave a great impression on your consumers when they land on your website for the first time.  

It will also help you shine if you have to meet people in person, or do a speaking engagement somewhere.  You can sign up for my free video course here.

See you at the course, ladies!  And, thank you so much Gertrude for allowing me to guest post on your blog!