5 ways to create tons of social media content for your small business

How to create social media content for your small business even if you don't have a ton of existing content

As a freelance writer and social media manager, I’ve had to create a lot of social media content for my clients.

If you’re the person handling social media for a small business, creating social media content can seem super intimidating at first.

If this is you and you were frantically searching the internet for a solution that would make your life and work 100% easier, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s explore 5 ways to create social media content for your small business.

How to create tons of social media content for your small business

Use the tips below to start sparking ideas for social media content for your small business.

Think about the people your small business wants to reach

Alright, so I know your business may have this question down HOWEVER, I’ve come across businesses who are not clear on who they want to reach and what they can help them with.

For instance, if you’re a painting company trying to get on social media, you may think you’re not as interesting as a fancy tech startup; thus you don’t have flashy social media content to share.

Not so my friend!

As a painting company, who exactly do you want to attract as your customer?

Are you trying to get people who are moving into their new home and need to make some upgrades?

Are you talking with that real estate flipper who needs a renovation so they can sell a house?

You can talk to those specific people by creating content and reaches them.

And you’ll find that when you begin to speak to a specific person in your audience, creating content becomes easy.

Turn old content into social media content

Small businesses underestimate this point.

Even if you haven’t created a lot of social media content, chances are that you have informational brochures and other pieces of marketing material laying around your business.

Turn those into bite-sized pieces of content for your business.

You can take those pieces of content and turn them into written posts, video and audio.

And even if you have some older social media content, chances are that people who are newer to your business have not seen those.

Re-purpose them and use that content again.

Spy on the competition

Another way to create tons of social media content for your small business is to find out what is working for the competition.

Although your audiences may not be exactly the same,  there might be an overlap.

Find out what types of content works well for them and then create similar content (no stealing please!) for your audience.

Although there are a number of fancy tools you could use to look at what is working for your competition, the following tips will help you get started.

  • Check out Instagram and Facebook and observe how much traction they are getting on those posts
  • For platforms like Instagram and Twitter, look at the hashtags they are using. You can actually copy and paste those hashtags onto a Word Document for instance and sprinkle those whenever you posts.
  • Look at the comments on the posts of your competition. These are another source for content ideas!

Crowd-source content

You can crowd-source your social media content.

Do your customers have pictures of them at your business location or using your product?

Do your clients and customers have testimonials about your business?

How about questions? Host a virtual “question and answer” session and you could be using that content for months.

Ask them to take pictures of themselves doing any of these things and ask their permission to use the content for social media.

All this is called user-generated content and when you use it well, you can build a much deeper connection with your current and future customers and clients.


Because people love to read the recommendations of others.

That is why they go to TripAdvisor and Yelp before they reach out to a business.

If you can bring feedback from actual customers to your audience, you will position yourself as more trustworthy and increase the chance that people will do business with you.

Share content that is similar to yours (and give attribution)

Too tired to create brand new content?

Share content that is similar to yours!

Since you didn’t create this content yourself, you should always make sure to mention the source of the content.

You can get sued for stealing other people’s content.

Plus, it is just a good neighborly thing to do to give attribution where it is due.

I have found content curators like Postplanner as an excellent place to find relevant content that you can share.

Wrapping it up

Use these 5 ways and you will never lack ideas for creating fresh social media content for your small business.

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Ready to create tons of social media content for your small business? Here's how to do it even if you don't have a lot of existing content.