Create videos without showing your face ? These 3 tools can help.

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One of the biggest objections people bring up to me each time I suggest they go on video is :

  • “Gee, I am so nervous to do video.”
  • I don’t like how my voice sounds
  • I don’t like my face of video

I get you.

The first time I decided to record a YouTube video I was fairly terrified too.

After recording over 300 videos now, I am over that and have gained a lot of confidence.

However, if the pep talk I just gave you still does not convince you to work through those initial fears about your voice and face on video, these 3 tools below will help you create videos without having to do so.

Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is one of my newer social video discoveries.

How it works : it takes your written blog content and turns those into videos.

Here is an example of a video I created with Lumen 5 for this blog post.

The beauty of Lumen 5 is that all you need to do is enter a link to the blog post you would like to create the video for.

Once you have done that, this is where Lumen 5 does its’ magic.

It will pull information from the blog post and you can select or deselect lines of text, give you an opportunity to create backgrounds and add music.

And voila !

You have a video. Easy peasy.

Lumen 5 has a free plan as well as a $49/month plan for more features in the Pro Plan.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Video is another unsung hero of the “video without your face” underworld.

I created the video below with it and have created client videos with it as well.  Even though I have a voice-over in this video, there are certainly features of this software that will have you creating professional grade video in minutes.

You can use your own images. I actually helped my husband create a food video using Adobe Spark and captions.

Abode Spark Video is available as an app on iOS and as a web tool.


I have used Legend to create simple 4-5 second animated graphics that I’ve gotten great compliments on.

It is an app both on iOS and Android and all you really need to do is add some words onto a background, choose an animation style and them download it to your mobile device.

Closing Thoughts

And just like that, you have 3 tools you can use to create videos where neither your face or your voice is featured.

No more excuses for why you cannot create amazing videos!

Your thoughts and comments are welcome !

Create videos for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and pretty much any social media platform even if you don't like to show your face.