9 Tools For Creating eBook Covers for free

Contrary to the popular saying, people WILL judge your book by its’ cover.

Your book cover is like the trailer for your movie. And the trailer better be good or else ain’t nobody watching.

Sounds totally superficial especially when you apply this same principle to dealing with people. But it’s true.

I know. I’ve had some terrible covers for my books.

I also know that a lot of us are in the beginning stages of our entrepreneur journey and so we don’t have a mountain of money sitting in a room somewhere waiting to be spent. Thus, we have to boot-strap our ways to the top and that, my friends is okay.

So while you could get someone on Fiverr or Upwork or 99designs to design a truly captivating book cover for you, you would be surprised at what you could do yourself with completely free resources.

I have found the tools for creating eBook covers useful in my publishing endeavors and today I want to share them with you.

1)Pixlr – Pixlr is a free graphic design website that allows you to create truly amazing eBook covers. I will be recording a training video on this soon. The only problem I have with Pixlr is that amongst the free online resources like Canva or Picmonkey, Pixlr requires a steep learning curve. ( Check this post post where I outline 32 different graphic design tools).

2)Canva – Canva is also free. I discovered Canva earlier on this year and it has been truly AMAZING! It has several free textured layers, hundreds of text styles and design elements. I created my recent Kindle book cover with Canva. The nice thing about Canva is that you the images you create are all saved so that if you want to go back to them or you lose that information on your computer for whatever reason, you can log back in to Canva and retrieve the image.


3)Picmonkey – Picmonkey is another favorite of mine. Photo editing, collages, creating your images from scratch – Picmonkey can do it all. I use Picmonkey for creating a lot of my blog graphics. With a bit of creativity, you can create a captivating eBook cover with Picmonkey.

4) Microsoft PowerPoint – Yes Microsoft PowerPoint ! After reading this, I challenge you to go ahead and start playing with the design elements within PowerPoint. You will be surprised.

5) FreeimagesSometimes you need images for your eBook cover. You can use pictures you ave taken yourself but most likely you want something that has better resolution and which looks professional. I have found Freeimages to be a great resource for getting great stock photos that you can use royalty free. WORD OF CAUTION : Because we live in a litigation-happy world, it is always important to read the privacy policy on each photo you intend to you to make sure it is truly royalty-free.

Other royalty free sources of images include :  Unsplash, Pixabay & Death To The Stock Photo. Pinkpot and Rekita Nicole also deliver free styled photographs to your inbox each month. I LOVE their images !

6) Boxshot – Boxshot is a free eBook cover creator that allows you to create a 3-D image for your book. All you need is your book cover, the spine and if you want the back cover. You upload those to the website and a 3-D eBook cover will be generated for you. You can feature your beautiful 3-dimensional eBook on your website to give your prospective readers a “real” feel for the book like I have below :

create eBook covers for free


Other eBook cover creators that have free versions include :

7) My E-Cover Maker

8) Adazing – you will have to give up an e-mail to access their PSD (Photoshop) eBook templates for free. Each one of the templates could cost you at least $25 to buy. CJ McDaniel and the guys over at Adazing will give you access to these for free. They also have a free eBook cover creator you can use for free.


9) Cover Creator is also an excellent choice I discovered recently where you can create a simple eBook cover for free.



***BONUS TOOL*** : Creative Market is one of my favorite spots online to get everything “graphics”. If you are looking for some out of the box ideas when it comes to your eBook cover, check out their vast array of resources. Signing up for an account on Creative Market is free and they will even send 6 free premium good to your inbox each week !

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There ! I gave you 9+ tools. An ugly book cover should never exist in your future !

Is there a resource you are using for eBook covers that you would recommend?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.