4 Simple Facebook Page Optimization Tips For Marketers

I know what you’re about to say.

“Aren’t Facebook pages dead?”

Well, they are if all you are looking for is to market your business on Facebook for free.

I like FREE just like the next person BUT there ARE times when to grow, you absolutely will need to spend some money. So Facebook pages are NOT dead. It’s the marketing methodology of using Facebook pages that has changed.

And honestly, no other social media platform has things optimized and set up the way Facebook does for business owners. They just want you to be willing to pay. Ha ! (Hey, everyone has to make money right ??)

There is still a place for having a Facebook Page for your business and  I want to give you 4 simple ways to optimize your Facebook Pages so that they work better for you.

A) Set a featured video

Your featured video can be anything from you introducing yourself to first time visitors, to an essential how-to video to a behind the scenes look of your business.

Here’s how to set a featured video for your Facebook Page.

1)In your main navigation bar on FB select VIDEOS (it may be under MORE like mine).

fb page 1

You will first have to have a few native videos uploaded to your Facebook page. You can even use Facebook Live to create these. Facebook’s algorithm is extremely supportive of video so it’s a win situation for you.

2) Next go ahead and edit your featured video. Facebook may have already picked one for you. You are more than welcome to change that.

fb page 2

3) Pick one of your videos to be the featured one.

fb page 3

Video is powerful. I believe it because I have lived it. The authenticity factor of marketing goes through the roof once you start doing video.

B)Set Up Shop

Do you have physical or digital products to sell ? Set up a shop on Facebook. Why not ?! I am all about putting my “BUY” buttons everywhere.

fb page 4

You will have to sign up for an account with Stripe if you don’t have one already to get payments. I created a super short video below to show you exactly how to do that.

C) Add An Offer/Event 

Have a sale, virtual or physical event coming up ? Set it up on your Facebook Page and invite folks to take advantage of the opportunity.

fb page 5

D) Add A Call To Action Button

  1. If you don’t already have a call-to-action button on your Facebook page, today is the day to change that. There is a lot you can do with it.
  2. 1. Add a CTA.
  3. 2. Edit it.
  4. fb page 6
  5. 3. Choose which action you’d like your followers to take.
  6. fb page 7

And there’s that. 4 simple Facebook page optimization tips you could be using to get more business.


Facebook Page Optimization Tips