10 Things You Should Know About Using Video On Facebook

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Last week I wrote about why you should start using video as part of your social media content strategy (like, ASAP) on your Facebook Page especially if you are looking to create a community around your brand in 2015 (Note that the key word here is COMMUNITY. More on that in later posts).

Video is a powerful way of connecting with your audience on a personal level. People LOVE video. It gives them a personal look into the life of the brand they’ve chosen to follow. Facebook knows this and so they are giving the people what  they want by giving video a lot more reach than we’ve seen recently for other kinds of posts.

Anyway, last week, I did a little more digging on the subject and found 10 more AWESOME reasons you should be using Facebook Video to get ahead organically (paid is even better!) with your following.

Here we go.

1) Super-dandy + handy “Call-to-action” buttons

Yes my friend, ’tis true.

You can now add a call-to-action button to your videos right on Facebook.  Here’s proof.




Now, having the call-to-action is not an excuse to spam your following. However, if you are concentrating on building a community and cultivating a positive culture around what you do, people will natural WANT to click through to your blog, learn more about your products for sale or will be more willing to buy from you.

As I understand it, the call-to-action buttons on Facebook are currently only in the US. I am sure they will be rolling it out in other countries soon so if you don’t see it as an option for your videos, be patient, it will arrive soon.


2) Automatic Play On Scroll

Have you noticed how when you scroll through your feed on Facebook these days the videos in your feed automatically start playing ? How many times are you tempted to actually watch the video ? I know I watch at least 1 video every single day on my feed.

It’s not that way by accident.

People are on Facebook to be entertained. Videos entertain. Facebook’s algorithm currently permits roughly 30% of your news feed to consist of video – video on auto-play – a.k.a it has a higher chance of being watched.  If you make your video entertaining + super-educational + helpful, you have a chance of going viral.


3) Create Your Own Playlist

Just like YouTube, you can now create video playlists inside Facebook.

1 A Chosen Remnant


4) Set a featured video

Another YouTube-like feature allows you to select one of your videos to be the “Featured Video”. This is a great way for you to officially welcome people to your brand on Facebook and tell them what you’re all about.

Here’s my Featured Video. I shot it with a $30 webcam from Target. (You don’t need expensive tools to do this my friends .)

featured vid


5)Tab dedicated to your videos

You probably have noticed this as well. However if you haven’t, there is a tab all your videos go under. You can click on it to create your featured video or create your playlist.


Oh and you see that “More” button ? You can click on that and rearrange the position of your tabs by clicking on “Manage Tabs”.

6) URL directly linked to your video

People don’t even have to be signed into FB to see these. I am not entirely clear on how you could use this to your advantage so you can let your imagination go wild on this one.

It will typically be : www.facebook.com/yourpagename/videos


7) No need to customize your videos for specific keywords

No competition for keywords either which is what typically gets you ranked with Google/YouTube’s algorithm.

By the way, I am in no way knocking YouTube at all.

I think YouTube is still going to be huge. I just happen to think Facebook Video is going to be huge and possibly bigger. I also think that any brand that already markets itself on Facebook will be doing themselves a disservice not using it.


8) Inherent ability to share with others

This is an obvious one. According to Socialbakers who ran research comparing  videos on Facebook vs video on YouTube, by December of last year, people shared more videos directly uploaded to Facebook than they shared videos from YouTube.

Makes sense. I mean, the “share” button is right there. If someone watches your super interesting/ entertaining/educational/helpful video in their news feed, it is easy and more likely that they’ll share it with their friends.


9) Cost-effective 

I personally think we live in pretty incredible times. Before this decade, you had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get in front of a huge audience.

Now, with the help of more than a billion people on social media + videos that can literally take on a life of their own provided you are giving people what they want , we have a super cost-effective way to get our individual brands and ideas before millions.

It’s amazing.


10)Social + Video = Increased chances of success

I think this particular point is a broken record at this point, don’t you think ?


And there you have it : 10 whole reasons why YOU should be using Facebook Video for your brand this year.

Now go and make some videos, yo’.

Are you already uploading video to your Facebook Page ? How is it going for you ? Let me know what you think in the comments !