Should You REALLY Fake it Until You Make It ?

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“Fake it until you make it”

Really ?

I see this phrase thrown about a lot and to tell your the truth it BOTHERS me ! So what do you do when something bothers you ?

You record a Periscope episode about it of course ! LOL.

So I did.

Highlights from the video :

  1. You don’t need to call yourself a “coach”, “strategist” or”expert” especially if you are not. Using these words does not make you a fraud but PLEASE make sure you have indeed done things to back your claim up.
  2. You can position yourself as a “learner” who is taking people on a journey with them. That is exactly what Pat Flynn did when he started out. He even has built Niche Sites and given updates – what has worked and what hasn’t – as he has gone along. I truly love that model and I believe he is successful because of it.
  3. Be your authentic self. Some people will be attracted to that and a section of people are not, then they are not your ideal client.

What do you think ?

How have you positioned yourself in your market ? 

Do you agree or disagree with the statement “Fake it Until You Make It” ?

Let me know in the comments !