How To Create Systems In Your Online Business


Blogger burnout is real.

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

And especially so when you are using the blog as a platform for your business.

After 3 years and a handful of blogs, I have come to the conclusion that every serious blogger/online biz owner absolutely needs to have well-defined systems for their blog – in other words, you have a clear direction you want your blog to move in and you execute a specific plan (made up of systems) that moves you in that direction daily – or risk failure.

Are those well-defined plans going to fail sometimes ?

Like everything on this imperfect earth, YES. 

However, if you have a goal, a masterplan to achieve those goals and a system for each arm of your blog/business, even when you fail, it will be easier to dust yourself and keep it moving.

The framework for achieving any great goal usually works like I’ve shown in the image below :

the big goal

Building a profitable blog follows the same pattern but with a little more sophistication.

how to build a profitable blog

And for lack of space, I did not go into all the “subsystems” each of our systems could possibly contain !

With all this to do, if you don’t have a plan, you are bound to burn out and eventually give up.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to create a simple and easily “followable” (while I am fully aware that “followable” is not in the current English dictionary, I reserve the right to make up words on this blog. Ha !) process for each of these systems to make our lives a little easier + prevent that horrible blogger burnout.

I will be covering each of the areas in the black circles in detail in and how to create a well-oiled system for each one of them so that you can run a truly successful blog-biz.

If you are already one of my e-mail buddies, I will send you (e-mail is already on its’ way !) the link to the workshop as well as the 14-page workbook I created to go along with the free hands-on workshop that will happen on Thursday October 29th 2015 at 8:30pm EST/5:30pm PST. 

Here’s the replay of the workshop : How To Create Systems In Your Online Business

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