10 Ways To Treat Your Freelance Clients So They Keep Coming Back

Today’s post is by Elinam Adjoble a Virtual Assistant (VA) who promises to help you reclaim one-third of your day ! Elinam blogs over at Brilliantly Virtual.

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. ~ Chip Bell

THAT is the dream of every business owner.

Imagine having your clients do your marketing for you.

Actually, forget about marketing.

Imagine them loving you so much they teach their 18-month old daughter how to spell your name.

Better yet, they whisper your website’s name to their pets.

Isn’t this what every entrepreneur dreams of every night? Is It just me?

Think about the many hours (and sanity!) you could save if you didn’t have to obsess over ads that don’t perform, optins that don’t convert, and packages that don’t sell.


Sweet, ya?


Nurturing relationships is not only important when it comes to entrepreneurship, it is a necessity in this digital age. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs today ONLY focus on making the sale.

How about we work on making a long term client instead?

I’m about to share with you 10 proven ways to treat your clients so well that they love you and keep coming back. Over and over again.

When you read this to the very end, you will be struck by how easy these tips are to implement. The best part? The majority of them won’t cost you a dime AND you can start seeing results right away.

Let’s roll.


  1. Speak your clients’ language

Many experts agree – communication is the currency of marketing. It’s imperative for you to make yourself relatable. How?

  • Avoid industry jargon. Instead, adopt the ‘I can relate to that’ attitude
  • Speak to their needs instead of how great you are
  • Don’t overdo the sales pitch

You want them to feel to like you ‘get’ them. Speak in a language they can understand.


  1. Give extra (free) useful advice

Learn to be a resource. It may not even have anything to do with your business but do it anyway.

Be relentless until you are described as being ‘generous with your knowledge’.

This makes your clients trust and like you so much more than if you were providing the bare minimum.

PS: If you’re still reading this, you must either be a wise soul or you have toddlers. And reading blogs is your only escape from the madness.

I’m going to assume you’re a wise soul. With or without toddlers

Okay, let’s move on, oh you wise soul.


  1. Cultivate stellar communication skills

Have you ever written to a business and felt like you were talking to yourself? Me too.

No one likes that.

I’ll encourage you to be extra responsive in your business.

I get it, life happens. However, in most case, a simple “I’ll get back to you on that” is better than silence. Don’t leave your clients hanging.


  1. Deliver on your promises

Your word is your bond.

This is a big one, especially when you are building your business up and you are trying to show how amazing you are and how much you can do.

It’s important to demonstrate transparency and build trust.

You’ve probably heard this before but I’ll say it gain: it’s better to set realistic goals than to over-promise and under-deliver.


  1. Show that you care about them – not just their checkbook

Connect with your clients on a human level.

Robots are taking over, my friend. People long to make meaningful connections and share real emotions.

Did your client share something about their children, their goals or interests? Take note!

That’s a golden opportunity to show that you are not just interested in what they can bring you (ie money). Inject those details back into conversations and watch your clients be amazed.

I promise you, the ‘Oh, you remember that?! How nice of you!’ never gets old.

So…. Are you beginning to see how YOU actually have the power to create a shift in your business? And your pocket book?

You can do this.


  1. Customize worksheets, autoresponders, and everything in between

‘Dear client’ or emails from ‘Do Not Reply’ are examples of things NOT to do.

The more customization, the better. Your clients don’t want to feel like just another client or worse yet, another project.

Just like you, they want to feel important. Unique.

There is no better way to establish a sense of closeness than addressing your clients by their names.

Is your autoresponder customized?


  1. Send Thank-You notes

Whether you send an email, or take the extra step of sending a handwritten note (highly suggested!), showing appreciation is an undeniable way to delight your clients.

And don’t just do this for your ‘ideal’ or ‘high paying’ clients. You never know where the next lead or recommendation will come from.

Go ahead. Be the hero you want to be seen as. Send that email. Buy that card.

You’ll be one step closer to having your name spelled by your client’s favorite pet (it’s a rewarding feeling, I promise).


  1. Promote their products or services

This is one of my personal favorites.

You want to have a client who basically builds a fan base for you? Promote their stuff.

Don’t take over their marketing (unless that’s your job, of course) but things like shout-outs on social media go a loooong way.

Bringing business to your client = client for life.


  1. Give back to your clients

In other words, reward loyalty.

Send a gift or provide a lead.

Support their initiatives.

It doesn’t even have to cost you anything.

Is your customer working on a worthy cause? Let’s say they have a charity effort dear to their heart. There are so many ways you can be of service. Simple things like sharing an article to your base will do wonders.

Not only will you wow your client, you will also be seen as this super-amazing-compassionate person. Wiiin!


  1. Be genuine

I’m going to go on a whim here and assume you’re a good, decent person.

Actually, scratch that.

I KNOW you are.

If for nothing at all, you read this piece to the very end. That automatically upgrades you to the ‘amazing person’ status.

So if you’re amazing and you know it, BE you! Your clients want the real you.

It takes so much effort to try to be someone else. By letting the real you shine through, your connections will be authentic, and the rewards much more meaningful.

Closing Thoughts

I totally believe you can apply some of these steps. Or, you can be a superhero and apply them ALL. No matter what you do, make sure you do do something.

I want to see how that 18-month old baby spells your name when her mama (your client) frantically teaches her how to.

I want to see you having so much repeat business that your new problem is ‘how do I keep up with all of this success and awesomeness?’.

So, dear friend, go out there and make a client.

Not just a sale.

Which one of these tips resonated the most with you? What have you tried in your business that increased your repeat business rate? Let’s talk!

How well are you treating your freelance clients ? In this post Elinam Adjoble takes you deep into 10 tips that will help you keep those clients coming back for more.



















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