12 Things I Do Each Month To Grow My Social Media Presence

Hola !

In the last few months traffic to this blog has ballooned.

And when I say BALLOONED, I mean BALLOONED.

Here’s a screenshot of my analytics since January 2016.

How to grow your social media presence - analytics

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I hovered around the 1000 unique sessions/3000 page views per month area for a while and then BOOM. We were off to the races in June and it has not slowed down since. I am really grateful for this !

This is also filtered traffic which means referrals from Spambots have been filtered out to give real picture of the traffic that comes to my blog and what they do when they get here.

NOTE: It took me a little over 2 years to get to this point so if you are looking for some “quick” strategies, this ain’t it !

Another quick note : 76% of the traffic you see here is coming from social media.

What did I do to get to this point ?

That, my friend is what I am about to share with you in this post.

12 Things I Do Each Month To Grow My Social Media Presence

1)Participate heavily on Pinterest group boards

I feel like Pinterest group boards should be common knowledge by now but I still know that there are many friends out there who are not sure how this works.

If that is you, you are in a good place because I did a whole webinar on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog that you can watch here.

Everything I explain in the video is the exact strategy I have used and am still using on Pinterest.


2) Research relevant hashtags and use them in my tweets

I have a video for this too.

The tool I mention in the video, Hashtagify.me is also useful for researching Instagram hashtags.

I recently saw a research study that suggested that hashtags are worthless. No disrespect to all the work they did, BUT I use hashtags for twitter posts and as well as for my clients’ accounts and yes, I have seen growth in terms of attracting new followers, getting retweets, likes and clickthroughs.

I believe hashtags still work if you are strategic about using them and keep in mind that Twitter has it’s own in-built search function for terms and hashtags for people looking for specific solutions.

And to be honest with you, the research study took into account only 167,943 tweets out of the millions of tweets that are sent out daily. So, I’d say, keep using your hashtags friend !

3)Use Twitter Lists

A feature I absolutely love about Twitter is the Lists feature.

You can find it on your profile like so :

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists allow me to keep certain individuals I absolutely love on Twitter in one feed so I don’t need to go into their feed individually to see what they have been up to.

It is also an excellent way for me to engage with them via retweets, likes or comments. This keeps the lines of communication open and helps me stay on their radar – a super important thing when you want to get noticed by influencers.

4)Schedule Social Media

Obviously, I am not sitting at my computer all day engaging on social media. I have to automate about 80% of it or else, it just becomes a time-suck.

I love Buffer and Hootsuite when it comes to scheduling social media.

5)Create catchy graphics

If you know me, then you have heard me say this time and again – our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster written content.

Which means that EVERYONE who is involved in building a business online or offline should indeed be creating graphics like no-one’s business.

Quotes. Infographics. Tip-graphics. Plain old photographs. Platform-specific images. I have created them all and seen great engagement as a result.

6)Live stream like a boss

Well, maybe not like a true boss. BUT, I have been making live-streaming on Periscope and Facebook Live my work machine.

This has certainly brought fresh eyes to my blog and business that otherwise would never have found me. In fact, some of the most loyal members of my tribe found me (or I should say we found each other !) via live-streaming.

Here’s an example of me sharing a client success story via Facebook Live.

7)Participate in Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups – one of the reasons I am still on Facebook ! Such a genius invention that has in fact been around for a long time but recently coming into popularity (it makes you think about what other under-utilized features we all could jump on before it becomes saturated, doesn’t it ?)

I love Facebook groups for the conversations, the connections, the chance to help others, the opportunity to uncover content ideas , sometimes even promote your brand as well as the opportunity to even find people who will pay you for your services.

Answering questions genuinely and just being overall helpful can help you in the long run when it comes to building an online presence.

{{Start a blog that matters. Download this 10-point checklist on starting a profitable blog}}

8)Make new friends on social media

Let’s not forget that this is SOCIAL media.

In my mind, this means it is an opportunity for you and I to make friends just because we are human beings and we all need to connect to someone.

Usually when people follow me on Twitter, I will tweet them back , say hi and ask them how they are doing. There are times, I have gone as far as visiting their blogs if they have one listed, reading a post or two, leaving a comment if I can or at the very least sharing that piece of content to social.

They are times when I have had full on conversations with people on Twitter. That is how I met Kim from YourChicGeek.com and now she and I are friends.

We need each other in this online business game. Don’t forget to make a friend when you get the chance.

9)Share other people’s content and let them know it was great

Because you really shouldn’t just be promoting your stuff on social media. And I am yet to hear that someone died because they were paid a compliment.

It is also a wonderful way to curate the best of the best content in your niche and present it to your audience.

10)Thank someone for retweeting or sharing my content

There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of content on the internet. Someone chose to share YOURS and you found out. It’s only nice to say thanks.


11)Create more video content

Apart from creating live video, I have also been dedicating a part of my content strategy to Youtube videos. I recently revamped my Youtube Channel and started producing content just for Youtube.

I am super excited about the opportunities that Youtube presents and I am in the process of testing a few strategies I have learned from some major pros on creating a successful Youtube channel.

I hope to share my results with you in the coming months.

Cue : if you are not following me on Youtube and you love my written content, you should – PLEASE + THANK YOU !


12)Invest in paid advertising

This year I have invested in Facebook ads and Youtube ads. They have both paid off but I must admit that my ad strategy still needs major work.

Nonetheless, ads are a powerful way to leverage social media and I encourage you to try them if you can.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. These are the 12 strategies I am using every single month to grow my social media presence, drive traffic to my blog and ultimately get eyes on my products and services.

What other ways are you leveraging social media ?

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Grow Your Social Media Presence

  • Hey there Gee! This is an excellent post and a true testament to how difficult traffic building can be for most people (especially if you are starting out). I love your tip about using Twitter lists..as Twitter is my favorite social media network and I am so glad that we met. Here’s to your traffic growth and beyond chica 🙂

    • Yes, so glad to have met you too Kim. 😀

    • Hi Kim,

      I see here that Twitter is your favorite social media platform. It used to be mine as well and I guess it still is. I got away from engaging there when my husband got sick (and almost DIED!) earlier this year. It took me a couple of weeks to mentally get over the trauma of that experience, so I could get back on board and begin again. I’m just now getting back into Twitter.

  • Dang! You ARE a social media growth Queen! Loved these 12 paths to growth. I don’t live stream at all yet. It intimidates me. What are your suggestions for getting started?

    • Hello Samantha, it is so nice to meet a new friend. I hope your day went well today.

      Well, to be perfectly honest, I was TERRIFIED when I did my first live stream on Periscope at the end of July last year. A year on, I don’t even think about it when I have to go live. It’s become a part of me. My suggestion is to JUST DO IT.

      Of course, you should have a plan of what you want to say when you go live on whichever platform you choose (I think FB Live is super worth it at this point with Periscope following that closely even though Peri was released first).

      Just be you. Deliver value. Don’t get super hung up on numbers – I still have single digits for some of my streams sometimes.

      You will be fine !

      • If I can add to the conversation on this one Gee, Samantha I was initially terrified to do live streaming too chica I am an introvert to the core! However, once I got started, it was kewl. With live streaming, people get to connect with you on a more personable level (outside of blogging). So as Gee stated, be brave and give it a whirl.

        The only thing that I would add is to just make sure that you are intentional about what you are sharing on Live Streaming. I’ve seen peeps get on live streaming networks and ramble like crazy…(like ummm puhlease get to the point!)

        Good luck either Samantha!

        • LOL! Thanks so much for your input, Kim. I’ll definitely have an intentional plan. Lately I’ve been writing a LOT about mindfulness, intentional spaces of silence, and the value of cultivating good listening skills. I’ll probably talk about one of those.

          May I ask you two ONE more question? How long would you suggest a live streaming video last for a beginner like me?

      • Wonderful to meet you too, Gee. Thank you for your advice. I guess I need to come up with a plan and then just go for it. Ugh! I won’t get hung up on numbers (at least not at this point). Probably, it will be better if only a few view my first shot at live streaming.

        My next concern would involve worries about lighting and background. I suppose I can’t practice by taking regular (non live) video first and seeing how it looks.

        • Tell me what your Periscope handle is or where to find you on Facebook and I promise to watch at least ONE live video of yours ! As far as lighting goes, this is what I use : http://amzn.to/2cudp3q

          It is on the cheaper side and works wonderfully.

          • I am texascopywriter on Peri. I’ll probably use Peri first. I’ll let you know when I do. xo

  • Facebook groups are definitely the only reason I still have Facebook! I love the communitys I’ve found there! 🙂 I definitely need to participate in Pinterest group boards more!

    • Hey Paula – yeah FB groups are the BOMB. I have learned and grown a lot from them I still think FB pages have value if you are very strategic about it and build virality into it – but it is easier said than done. LOL. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

  • I love this! This is so helpful to me in my blogging journey as well! Thanks for sharing

    • Great ! Let me know how else I can help you on your blogging journey Hava !

  • Patricia Eales, RHN

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m going to start implementing them straight away!

    • I am glad you found them useful Patricia. Have an amazing day.

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  • Kathy Forsyth

    Hi, Gee. I love the layout of your site. So clean and beautiful. Thanks for the information on boosting my readers.

    • Hi Kathy – I am so glad you find it clean and that the post was helpful ! All the best with your blog. You will do great. 😀

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