7 Powerful Hootsuite Features You Might Not Be Using

I have a confession to make : I did not always like Hootsuite. It seemed clunky and “all-over-the-place” for me. And so for the longest time I stuck with good ole’ Buffer.

Then came late last year when I started my social media management business. While I still love and adore Buffer, I found Hootsuite to be better at handling multiple client accounts. So I sucked it up and began to work with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite has built an amazing tool that may not get all the hype it deserves. So I am going to unravel 7 powerful Hootsuite features you might not be using but which could take your social media management life to a whole other level.

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If you’re like me and you’re in charge of several social media profiles (Hootsuite’s $15/month plan allows up to 100 profiles), Streams will make your life 100% less stressful.

You can create a stream for each of the profiles you manage and within those each profile you can create additional streams that allow you to monitor the home feed, your own posts, retweets, mentions as well as inbox messages. I have a stream set up for each of my client’s social media.


Here’s how to set it up :

Step One

Select the Streams Tab on the left side of your screen.



Step Two

Add a new stream

Add stream

Step Three

Select the specific social platform you would like to create the stream for and then choose the type of stream you’d like to create. As you can see, there are several types of streams to choose from.

Select stream

And you’re done.

Creating streams has streamlined (the pun is not lost on me !) my work as a social media manager CONSIDERABLY. And in fact, you don’t have to have a business like me to use the Streams feature within Hootsuite. You can create streams for each of your social profiles and monitor everything from there without ever having to login to individual social platforms.

Which prevents you from getting caught up in the cute kitty video sink-hole social media can be sometimes.

The Hootlet Chrome Extension

The Hootlet Chrome Extension is actually all kinds of cool.

So I installed it in my browser and then when to typed in a search term, look at what happened :

Hootsuite Google Search

…they pulled up a list of people tweeting about the search term ! And you can either reply or retweet those posts and have it immediately sent into your scheduled content line up.  Super handy.

Another thing you can do with the Hootlet Extension is that when you hover over an image on a website, you could click on the Hootlet icon that appears on the right corner of the picture and schedule it to your line up.



I love this feature because I don’t have to put thought into what times I want to schedule content. Set it up by going into the Settings portion of the dashboard and then select Autoschedule.


A light-box will pop up and you can select the time frame you would like to schedule posts between and on which days.

Here’s how mine is set up.

autoschedule 2

The next thing to do would be to switch the Autoschedule funtion on in the Hootsuite editor so that each time I create a piece of content, all I need to do is hit the Autoschedule button and Hootsuite will pick a best time based on their algorithm (and on the times I selected in my Settings) to post the content.

autoschedule 3


Hootsuite Suggestions is another powerful way for you to curate content without searching too far. You can access the Suggestions feature in Hootsuite by clicking on the Publisher tab.



RSS Feeds

And speaking of content curation, within Hootsuite, you can add RSS Feeds to your websites (or your favorite sites) and have content fed directly into your scheduled content line up each time there is an updated post on the site.

Bulk Upload

Is this the best invention since sliced bread ?

Unfortunately, no. Fruit smoothies might be since we’re talking about food. But the Bulk Upload feature in Hootsuite is up there with sliced bread and fruit smoothies. You can access it by going into the Publisher. If you look in the image under Suggestions, you will see the Bulk Message Upload option beneath RSS Feeds.

The Bulk Message Upload feature allows you to upload a CSV file (very similar to an Excel sheet in how it is laid out but it needs to be saved as a .csv file).

The only thing I do not enjoy about the bulk upload option is that while you can put text within the spreadsheet, you cannot put images. Which means, I have to upload my text and then go back into the Publisher to add in the images manually. Don’t get me wrong, the bulk upload saves me a TON of time when I have a lot of client work but it would even be cooler if images could be bulk uploaded too !

To avoid your CSV file being rejected by Hootsuite when you are ready to upload, you can download their sample CSV and fill it in.


Hootsuite Campaigns

Hootsuite’s Campaigns feature is in Beta but I can see it being a powerful tool. Currently you can run contests and create simple sign up pages that can be connected to your Facebook profiles from within the Campaigns feature. Currently, it seems most of the features within Hootsuite are an extra paid add on.

campaigns 2

So there you have it.

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7 powerful features within Hootsuite you should start using if you aren’t already.


7 Power Hootsuite Features You Might Not Be Using