How To Build A Home Studio On A Tiny Budget (For Vloggers)

How To Build A Home Studio On A Tiny Budget

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You want to start vlogging but you’re hung up on how much the home studio equipment is going to cost ? Relax.

Believe it or not, you do not need expensive equipment to start vlogging. In today’s video, I am giving you a tour of my home studio which (let’s be real) is simply a corner of my bedroom and the inexpensive equipment I use to create my videos on Youtube.

For less than $500 you can get all the equipment I list in this video and get started with your video empire dreams ! Of course, as you grow, you will need to invest in more expensive equipment BUT if you are just starting out and you are on a budget, what I describe will work just fine for you.

List of tools I use (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Camera ($150) – Fujifilm FinePix S8600 with 36x Zoom – (Currently out of stock on Amazon but these are similar products in the same price range – ,

Lighting Kit ($99.99) – LimoStudio 700W Lighting Kit (It comes with the tripods, lighting stands, bulbs and umbrella) –

Extension Board –

Chair – Ikea

Backdrop – Joanne Fabrics , Walmart or any fabric store will have these !

And that is all I use ! Thank for watching my video.

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Are you thinking of starting a Youtube channel ? Great idea ! Youtube is the second largest search engine and if you are smart about it you can drive some great business. But it all starts with the right tools. In this post, I give you a tour of my home studio that I built for less than $500.

  • Thanks for the tour, Gee. Question, is there a reason for the dark background? I typically use a white wall as the background. I don’t have studio lighting so i leverage daylight. But have noticed the light bounces all over the place, in the final videos, no matter how much i try to balance it out in edits.

    • Hi Ngina – the dark background gives me better background than my white walls at home. Secondly, the fabric tends to not reflect the light like my walls did – I also have a rose pink fabric you might see in other videos I have coming out this month. Fabric – especially cotton-based ones are great at not reflecting light. This makes for a MUCH better looking video when I am done editing.

      Thanks for watching and commenting!

  • Gee: Thanks for showing your home studio. Are you into podcasting too?

    • Hi Martin – I podcast a little but it is not a main content form for me right now. 😀