How To Make 4-figures Each Month With Your Own Digital Product (Free Google+ Hangout w/ Corey Ferreira)

How to Make 4 Figures Monthly With Your Own Digital Product

How to Make 4 Figures Monthly With Your Own Digital Product


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Today’s post is super short because of what will be happening on Thursday at 7:30pm EST.

My friend Corey Ferreira from Laptop Entrepreneurship has agreed to Hangout with me (and anyone else brave enough to join) to tell us about how he currently makes 4-figures monthly with a digital product he created based on his own skills and a need he saw in the market for this particular product.

He really is a wealth of information and so I am urging you to take some time out of your day on Thursday June 4 at 7:30pm EST to listen and most importantly APPLY some of the lessons Corey will share from his own journey as a blogger and online entrepreneur. Some of the major points we will hit are :

  1. How to come up with an idea for a digital product that will sell – even if you don’t think you are an expert
  2. How to validate that people will actually PAY for the digital product
  3. How to market your digital product efficiently so that all your hard work is not wasted
  4. Is it better to sell the digital product yourself through your website or is it beneficial to use websites such as Udemy and Skillfeed to market your product ?

Very Important to Note :

A) ┬áThe Hangout replay will be up for 72hours after the Hangout so if you are unable to attend, don’t worry.

B) There will be a Q & A during the Hangout so you can have any questions you have answered.

C) Here is the event page for the webinar. Click here on Thursday June 4th at 7:30pm to Hangout with us.

If you are currently not on my e-mail buddy list sign up here to get updates on what will go down on Thursday night. I will even throw in the Blogging Mini-Vault to say thanks.

Sound like a deal ?