How To Make $1000/month with your new blog


I made my first $1000 as a social media manager leveraging my blog. Curious as to what social media managers do ? Find out !

Fair warning : this is a 3000-word post.

It took me weeks to put it together but I LOVE the insight I gained in the process.

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I must admit, when I read blogs of people like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas and Regina Anaejionu, I wonder “Do these people have some kind of money making ninja skills I don’t know of or is this all a big inside joke?”

Anyway one Sunday afternoon, I decided to start shooting some e-mails to some of my peeps who are currently CRUSHING it with their blogs and online businesses to ask them exactly how they were doing it.

(Okay, maybe Neil Patel is not exactly my “peep” but he responded to my e-mail ! That makes him a “peep” right ?  No Gertrude. That just makes you look slightly creepy. Fine then. Onwards we go.)

How to make $1000 per month with your new blog

What did I learn from these generous folks ? Monetizing your blog is real and it can happen for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Why did I settle on $1000 ?

Because I believe that if you can convince yourself that you can earn enough money with your blog to buy you a round trip ticket to Puerto Rico for a weekend, then you can do anything.

I asked. And these experts were kind enough to answer. Join me in digging deep into their wisdom.


a) How did you get started making money with your blog ? Share a bit of your story

Michelle Schroeder
I started my blog in August of 2011, and I made my first dollar after about six months by placing an advertisement on my website for a company. After a few years where I spent around 40 hours a week blogging and freelancing online for extra income, I left my day job to focus on my online business full-time. It’s now been over one year since I worked as a financial analyst and I haven’t been happier. I now make a living online through my websites (I have 7 of my own), I manage websites for others, I staff write, and more.

Lesson here : Michelle is a baller !! Her latest income report come in at over $120,000 for just the month of May. And as a matter of fact I am a student in her Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.  I highly recommend it.

Michelle runs 7 websites of her own but she did not do it in a day. Also can anyone say “multiple streams of income” ? She built the momentum over the past few years.  Don’t try to do too much at once, especially in the beginning. Focus on one thing until it works and then grow from there.

If you have considered writing an eBook on your blog topic, what Trevor Page , Tawra Kellam and Corey Ferreira did might inspire you.
Trevor had this to say :
The first real money that I started making with my blog was created by the e-book I wrote based on the blog content. This is exactly the path that Pat Flynn outlined for all aspiring entrepreneurs, to just create content on the blog and then repurpose it as an e-book.I was able to publish my first e-book from all the content I had already created on the blog in about three months working part time. So not only was I getting traffic from all the content I had created already on my blog, but I was also making cash by selling the e-book through my own website and on
Tawra :
I came up with the idea to write money saving cookbook. There weren’t many out on that topic 18 years. ago when I got the idea so I decided to write my own. We started a website before blogs were even a thought and came up with the $9,000 to self-publish our first edition. I co-write with my mom (who raised 2 teens on $500 a month) and my husband does all the behind the scenes tech work. I say we write it and he makes us look good! We did not make our first profit for 8 yrs. Then we made a few thousand a year and now it’s our full time income.
Corey :
My blog is Make Fiverr Money and I started making money back in April of 2014 when I saw a need from other Fiverr sellers to learn how to make more money with Fiverr. I was having a lot of success on Fiverr so I decided to create an information product, an e-book, to help other sellers. I supported my book with content I created on the blog. A lot of my traffic comes from affiliates now but in the beginning, I used my blog to drive traffic to my book. I created a lot of content that people were searching for on Google like “Best gigs to sell on Fiverr” or “How to make money on Fiverr”.
Lesson here: Everyone’s trajectory to profit is different. It took Tawra and her family 8 years to start seeing a profit but they get to live full-time off their blog now. Trevor and Corey’s stories were different.
It can be dangerous to compare. Also, in my humble opinion, a year or two or even three of hard work so that you can live your freedom lifestyle is worth it.
 After I read her guest post on how to go from zero to a booming online career, I had to include Henneke Diustermaat on this Expert panel as well because I believe this is by far one of the easiest ways for anyone to start making money online with their blog.
Henneke :
I found my first copywriting clients online by writing guest posts for other blogs. This was even before I had my own blog up and running.

Lesson here : If you can guest post on a popular site, DO IT ! It sends several leads your way (Interestingly, I have not tried this myself. I am going to put it to use and report back with results in a later post.)

  Shabbir Bhimani also got his start helping people get the results they needed.
Shabbir Bhimani
I had a very different ride to getting started with blogging. When I first started in 2004 , blogging was not as popular as it is today and so I focused on creating niche online forums and communities. I started a blog in 2007 that centered on making smarter investments in financial markets in India.

When I finally quit my day job in 2008, I started to focus on working with clients as well as on my blog, the blog began to attract the right kind of attention and to generate the kind of traffic I had dreamt about.

As my blog and forums became popular, I had too many questions and requests coming to me about how to get things done in India and what the right way was to be doing online business in India and that is when my blog about online entrepreneurship was formed. I help motivated but overwhelmed Indian bloggers and entrepreneurs simplify Internet marketing, so they can create successful businesses online.

B ) What’s the best way a beginner blogger can monetize their efforts ?

In the beginning, I believe that a blogger should focus on providing high-quality content and marketing their website. After you feel like you have been blogging for a little bit and you know what you are doing, a blogger can monetize in many ways such as advertising, affiliate marketing, writing an e-book, and more. I believe that affiliate income is the best as it is a very passive source of income.
I think the best way a beginner blogger can monetize their blog is creating an information product like I did. It doesn’t take a lot of traffic to make a lot of money, such as with ads, and you’re promoting your own product and creating a brand, as opposed to promoting affiliate products. It’s important to use the blog as a way to support your information product with free content.
–  Corey


Unless you have a lot of traffic, you won’t make too much money from ads or affiliate revenue. But assuming you are creating good content, a great way to make good money is to sell e-books to your reader base. If you create a course that benefits your readers, they are more likely to buy it as it is customized to them.  
Neil Patel


Start with the simple stuff. Google Ads and write your own e-books or sell other e-books would be the best way to start. We have several affiliates who sell our products but don’t have their own e-books yet. Affiliates can be an easy way to get to making money and test the waters to see how your readers would respond to sales like that. You may have to try different kinds to start. Some blogs do well with Amazon affiliates and others do better with e-books etc. Just keep testing until you find what works.


To me the best way to monetize your blog when starting out is selling a service – like web design, social media support, virtual assistance, copywriting, coaching, etc. This is the quickest way to earn a full-time income.


My biggest tip on monetizing : First and foremost – build a list! Create some type of incentive for folks to opt in to your mailing list. Building relationships with your new subscribers is critically important and the “know, like and trust” element increases in power (exponentially) when done carefully and purposely. Nurture your subscribers, treat them like gold. This results in sales, without a doubt. Email marketing is still powerful today.

I can start off by telling you where not to go with respect to monetizing your blog – advertising. In order to make any sort of good money with advertising you really need to have a lot of viewers hitting your blog every single day. This is obviously not something that beginner bloggers will have as everyone has to start with zero followers. Having said that the most natural and easiest approached to making money is to just create an e-book based on the content you’ve already created in your blog.

Another approach would be to re-purpose the blog content as an audio podcast and try to attract sponsors. Typically you need to have around 3000 downloads in the first six weeks for any given podcast episode before sponsors will start to take notice of you and be interested in paying you. But having said that sponsorship advertising money on a podcast specifically tends to pay the highest CPMs.


The best and the most effective way to monetize your blog is this : don’t focus on monetizing it. Once any blogger has created a community , they can look to monetize it then. I see that many people just try to get into the monetization game too early. Ask your audience like how they want to be helped and in the process help the blogger and more often than not they will be more than happy to help the blogger. Still if you want to be getting started with monetization, ads are never the right way forward for a blog. They did not work for me and I am yet to see any such blogger for whom it works very well. Yes they do work on forums and other kind of sites but not on blogs.

Instead, I prefer readers to subscribe to my newsletter so I can help them grasp the valuable content that I share on my blog and in the process also tell them about products that can be useful to them. The emphasis is on promoting what might be useful to them and not on telling them about the products constantly.



C) What kind of time-frame should a beginner blogger expect to wait before they make their first $1k with their blog ?

It really varies on the niche. But it is rare to be making more than $1k a month on a blog if your visitor count isn’t somewhere in the 5 figure a month range. – Neil 

I believe it may take around 6 months to a year for a blogger to make their first $1K. However, once you get over that hump, it seems like blogging for income gets easier. It’s just the beginning that can seem hard. It’s all worth it in the end though! – Michelle


I think making their first $1k doesn’t need to take long. The longest part is creating a great product that provides people a lot of value and then marketing your blog and product. I think it can happen as quickly as you can create a product that helps people in your niche. – Corey


Now days it’s so much easier than we started. Yes there are more bloggers but it is so easy to get to that first $1K point.  I would say 9 months if you really work at it.  – Tawra


No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: you can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

So your blog will take time to reach that 1k per month figure.  It may be different for different people but don’t expect too much in first couple of years of your blog. Invest everything that you make from your blog into the blog. – Shabbir

There’s no standard time frame. It depends what service you can offer and how quickly you can reach your audience – and sometimes this is quicker to do by blogging for others rather than on your own site. – Henneke

Making money through selling e-books is really just a matter of how quickly you can create the book itself. I was able to write my second book in under a month and then publish it on Amazon leveraging their Kindle select program, and that made me around $750 in the first month that it was published. I put my book on sale for free using the Kindle select program for the first five days that it was published and drove as many people to download that book for free as I possibly could. This led to me being the number one bestseller in multiple categories for free books. Once the book came out of the free period, I had a good position to sell a bunch of copies right out of the gate. This created momentum that kept me in the top 10 lists for my book and produced the $750 income in that first month. – Trevor 

Biggest take-away –

Unless you’re a famous personality in some other arena already, this can to take some time. So what do you do in the mean time ? Keep fighting for your dreams ; no matter how long they take you.

 D) What’s the best advice you can give a beginner blogger who is planning on using their blog to earn an income ? 

…focus on the quality of your content and market your website. – Michelle


…think in terms of the long game. When I first started I was so focused on numbers that it was a little depressing.Fast forward three years and now over 85% of my traffic every month comes from organic a Google traffic. Consistent, quality content is the key. – Trevor


start building your list and start connecting with like-minded influencers in your market early on. – Carol


… give more than you take. Provide and give people a lot of value and they will want to reciprocate by supporting you and buying your products. – Corey


…pick a lucrative niche. For example blogging on health is much more lucrative than if you blogged about clean water. – Neil 


…don’t give up. It will take a lot of work at first but once you get everything set up and your content is delivering, you can start focusing on bringing in the money. – Tawra


…focus on building a blog and not on earning an income. If you are planning to earn from the blog right at the onset, it is more likely to fail. But if you have plan for making it a better place for your readers, your income will follow. – Shabbir


…build an audience and solve problems for your audience first, then monetization will follow. – Henneke


Biggest take-away ? 

Focus on building a blog that helps your target audience. Money follows that.



I love that the same themes were repeated by completely different blogger-entrepreneurs in different niches.


Keep fighting for your dreams people !


I hope this post was useful to you.


Have you been successful with a blog or online business ?


What have been some of the obstacles you’ve faced in your journey ? Would love to hear it in the comments.

Is it possible to make money with a blog ? Yes but you need to be strategic. Find out how these super star bloggers did it.