How To Use Fiverr to Fund Your Blogging Passion

Your Complete Guide To Growing Your Online Brand Using Blogger Outreach

Best tips on blogging and side hustles ? Check. You as my e-mail buddy ? Let us fix that.

You’ve read about how great it is to blog.

You’ve listened to that podcast about how the people who live next door to you made a fortune with their blogs almost overnight.

They easily make 6-figures from their blogs each month.

You look at it and see the opportunity and think to yourself “It’s blogging. How hard could this really be?”

Then you start to blog and quickly realize  “Oh, this is much more expensive than I bargained for. How does anybody ever made money blogging?!

I have been there and can absolutely relate with you , my friend.

Blogging expenses can creep up on you like a robber. And especially so if you want to take your blogging to the level where you are taken seriously and considered an expert.

Hosting costs. Design costs. Email marketing costs. Costs involved in creating courses. Software costs.

It adds up and fast.

This was really frustrating for me in the beginning and I used to wonder how the big guys did it.

I finally came to realize a VERY important truth

Neil Patel announced in March of this year that he was going to start a blog from scratch and make 6-figures from it within a year. I followed along with his story for a while and then realized this : in order to build his blog very quickly, he was spending quite a bit of money getting it out there in front of his target audience.

Ryan Diess suggests doing the same in this post.

This is absolutely fine. When you have the money to spend.

Now, we could all sit here and whine about how “they” are lucky to have the money to pay for their online businesses.

Or we could learn how to do something more practical about the whole “funding your blogging passion” situation and build wonderful, profitable communities with our blogs.

I personally prefer the second option.

How To Use Fiverr To Fund Your Blogging Passion

What is Fiverr anyway ?

Fiverr is a website where people go to buy freelance gigs for $5. Recently though, you are able to add what are known as “gig extras” where in lies the money. Technically, you could make upwords of $300 per gig on the platform but don’t realistically expect that when you are just beginning.

So let’s learn how to use Fiverr to fund our blogging dreams.

1) Sign up for an account on Fiverr

Super basic. Just sign up.

2) Find out how you can offer value-packed gigs

This will have to draw on your skills. No skills ? It is possible to learn a new skill very quickly and put your new expertise to use by creating a gig.

When I created my first gig on Fiverr, I had just learned how to do what I was offering. I took a chance on myself and offered it as a gig anyway because I was not going to make any money just waiting to become an “expert”. I knocked my work out of the park each time (if I may say so myself) and earned some web hosting money in the process.

Udemy, Skillshare and Skillfeed have made learning valuable skills from other experts super easy. Take advantage of it and monetize those skills.

3)Write compelling gig descriptions (a.k.a polish up on your copy-writing skills)

There is the type of language that gets people to buy your stuff and the type that drives them away.

With a little focus + studying what works for popular sellers on Fiverr + reading up on basic copy-writing, you could come up with a gig description that moves people to action.

4) Learn how to use keywords on Fiverr

Fiverr gives you an opportunity to choose 3 keywords people might type into their native search function to find your gig. One thing I have noticed about Fiverr though is that you cannot put in your own keywords. So you are limited to the keywords they pre-populate on their site.

That should not be a hindrance anyway ! Once you do a stellar job with your gig description and choose the best keywords that describe your gig, you will eventually be found.

5) Offer gig extras

This is where the real money is made. Yes, making $5 per gig (you actually end up making a little less than $4 per gig once Fiverr takes their cut & you transfer your earnings to your Paypal account.) is better than making $0 BUT if there is an opportunity to make more money per gig, why not ?

For instance, if you offer logo design in 5 days, you could decide to give a gig extra of $10 or $20 per design to deliver the logo faster (2 days) if that’s something you can do.

One of my favorite gig extras so far : offering buyers a 15-minute consult on a topic to accompany the gig. You definitely can get creative with these.

6)Over-deliver on your gig (within reason)

It’s self-explanatory isn’t it ? Do your very best on your gig. However don’t allow yourself to be abused by cheap-skate buyers who want to suck your blood dry for the least amount of money possible.


When you have a lull in sales, try changing different elements of your gig. Does it need to be updated ? Does your gig description need to change ? How about delivery time ?

I am a fan of testing , learning and applying the lessons we’ve learned from our tests to get ahead.

8)Save that money and put it towards your blogging passions

This is why we are doing this isn’t it ?

9)Get involved in Fiverr’s forum for sellers

As if you did not have enough to do already. Ha ! But this will be useful for support and ideas. It is something I need to do more often actually so I added it in here to remind myself to do so.

This is NOT your long-term plan

Yes,  you can make up to $300 per gig on Fiverr. I however see Fiverr more as something you can do as a side gig to support your dreams when cash from your regular source is already tied up in life’s everyday expenses.

As time goes on however and your blog gains followers and e-mail subscribers, it might be a better use of your time to move on to bigger stuff – whatever that might be for you.

If you find that you really LOVE Fiverr though, you are more than welcome to stick with it for the long-term.

Wrapping Up

Don’t despise small beginnings. It is what greatness is made of. Tweet this

I can almost hear someone scoffing at my title and saying”How is ANYBODY going to use a website that pays you around 4 bucks to do ANYTHING?”

Well to you my skeptical friend I say – little drops of water do make a mighty ocean. Imagine making just 2 sales per day consistently for a month.

$8 x 30 = $240 in side income/month

A LOT of things can be done with $240.


My friend Corey Ferreira has a great eBook bundle resource for making up to $4K per month with Fiverr. It has really been useful to me and think it would benefit you as well. He even gives you 100 gig ideas.
If you would like to get this resource click here
NOTE : This is my personal affiliate link which means I will be compensated for people who buy the book through this link. Backed by my “I do not recommend stuff that is NOT useful” guarantee. Thank you.

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Question for you

Was this post helpful to you ? What else are you doing to fund your blogging passion ? Let’s hear it in the comments.