How to write faster: 4 secrets for writing great content FAST.

how to write faster
how to write faster

Whether you are a blogger, freelance writer or author, writing fast is invaluable to you because it means you can put out more content and fast.

As a writer myself, I realize that writing faster is important if I want to take on more clients and make more money.

And so over the years, I have learned the tricks that have helped me write faster and I put them in the video below.

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Don’t like watching videos? Here’s the a summary of what I shared in the video.

4 Tips To Become A Faster Writer.

#1- Read More

Turns out your elementary school teachers were right on the money. Reading more expands your horizon and gives you more information in your memory bank to pull from when you write. 

There have been countless times I have been working on a piece and remembered a research article or an interesting book chapter I read on the subject. 

All I have done in this instance is hit almighty Google and done a bit of detective work to pull up the source and then cite it in my writing.

If you want to be a faster writer, it will serve you well to read more.

#2- Write and don’t edit. Until the end.

If you’re a perfectionist like me, this is hard! 

We want to correct everything as we go along. We want every point to be perfect before we move on. 

Truth moment: if you get stuck on “perfecting” one point, you might never finish a piece you are writing.

No bueno.

Write, write and write. And then be a ruthless editor later. 

#3- Write like you talk

Because nobody reads impersonal boring content. 

I find that things flows way easier when I write like I speak.

This still does not mean your writing should be rife with typos. 

The key here is to make your writing personable. 

#4- Practice writing everyday

It is why basketball players shoot baskets everyday.

And why soccer players run on the field everyday.

Practice makes you better and faster at what you do.

And the same goes for writing. 

There you have it!

My tips for writing content faster.

Question of the day: are there any tips you have used to write faster? Let me know in the comments below. 

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