I moved!

Come find me at www.geenonterah.com but before then, please read!

When I started this website back in 2014, my son was just 11 months old and I was figuring out my way in this grand world of online business.

I enjoyed every minute of writing for this website but over time, I realized that while writing on general online business topics attracted all types of wonderful people, I wasn’t focused and so my message – my niche – was also unfocused. I don’t like the feeling of being unfocused.

Plus, I realized a while ago that I had outgrown this phase of my online business journey.

So I decided to move on.

Over the last year or so, I decided that since I have been freelance writing for 3 years and know more about that business subject than anything else, I would focus on teaching people how to make a living with their writing. More specifically, how they could do that through freelance writing.

I have been doing that on my podcast, The Create & Prosper Show, which is housed on my new website GeeNonterah.com.

I also have a YouTube channel where I talk about making a living with your writing, post vlogs and just talk about creative entrepreneurship.

If you would love to continue to follow my online business adventures, you’re more than welcome to party with me.

Here’s where you can find me online.

The Create & Prosper Podcast – Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Spotify and on your favorite podcast app!

The Create & Prosper YouTube ChannelCLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

GeeNonterah.com – My new internet home!

If making a living with your writing is not your thing, I am sad to see you go but I understand.

For now, I will leave this website up because I know there is still a lot of valuable information here that continues to help thousands of people each month.

At some point it may go away forever.

It’s been real and it’s been great!

Gee Nonterah.