How To Use Twitter Analytics To Create Your Ideal Blog Reader Profile

If you’ve been online long enough, I know you’ve been told to have create an ideal blog reader profile or what is more commonly referred to as an “avatar” or at an even more advanced level a “buyer persona”.

The thing with creating an avatar though is that when you first start out , creating an avatar out of thin air can be challenging because you simply have NO CLUE.

I know it was for me.

If you’ve ever felt that way, I am here to present Twitter Analytics as a tool you can use to create your ideal blog reader profile in under an hour.

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram all have analytics you can refer to. So you could take some of these ideas and apply it to your favorite social media platform.

I chose Twitter mostly because I have a healthy audience on there.

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How To Use Twitter Analytics To Build Your Ideal Blog Reader Profile

1)On your Twitter homepage, go to “Analytics” under your profile pic on the far right corner


2)Once there, go into “Audiences”

3)Now select an audience you want to analyze.

In our case, we can either go with “Your Twitter followers” or “Your organic audience” because this is the audience that is more relevant to what we are trying to do – build an ideal blog reader profile/buyer avatar.


Now let’s take a look at the individual parts of the ideal buyer avatar we need to build a full profile.

Name & Age : we are going to choose these for my ideal blog reader profile. My audience is 51% female according to Twitter Analytics, so we’ll go with Lisa. A quick look over the interests of my organic audience suggest that Lisa could be between ages 25-40. I will choose a sweet spot and say she’s 30.

Occupation : If we scroll down a bit on the Audiences Page, you will come across the “Occupation” stats for my organic audience.


I have a lot of professional/technical people – a little vague – but see that second occupation ?? 23% of my organic content is reaching people who describe themselves as homemakers ! And then I have some white collar workers AND self-employed people who enjoy my content too.

Very valuable information right there.

Let’s flesh out our ideal blog reader profile :

Name : Lisa

Age : 30 years

Occupation : Lisa is a professional corporate woman who would like to start a family in the next 12-18 months. She loves her job but would love to become self-employed so she can happily (and financially) stay at home to care for her child.

Buying Style : Lisa does not seem to mind paying a little bit more for premium brands for the convenience of it.


Interests : Technology, entrepreneurship and marketing are in Lisa’s top interests. This means if I create and tweet content in these areas, she is more likely to engage with me. She is also an online buyer.


Income level : Based on the income demographic, we can choose a sweet spot and say Lisa makes an average of $100,000/year at her job. This helps us because it tells us that she would be more likely to buy products or services that are priced over $50. Great information to know !


This looks like a solid blog reader profile/buyer avatar to me ! No ?

So what are we going to do with this info ?

We are going to create content that delights Lisa and moves her closer towards the goal we established she wants to achieve in the next 12-18 months – leave her well-paying professional job so she can stay home with the new family she’s about to start.

It will direct how we create content so we don’t drive her away from what we have to offer

Of course, the way I did it is just one way to create my ideal avatar.

You could take the same information I presented and create a completely different profile.

The most important point here is to create someone you can talk to “personally” every single time you write and when you get ready to create digital products for sale.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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