5 ways to use Instagram Stories for business


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If you follow me on Instagram and you know how much I love and use Instagram stories for business.

But beyond the fun of using Instagram stories, it really can be a powerful business tool.

As a matter of fact, I’ve used it to land clients and sell my digital products.

In today’s post, I will be sharing 5 ways you can use Instagram Stories to generate business.

Let’s delve right into it.

5 Ways to use Instagram Stories for business


So first things first, Instagram stories can be really good when it comes to nurturing your audience.

What do I mean by nurturing?

Well, typically, I would say that an email list is the most powerful way for you to nurture an audience that will eventually buy from you.

However, Instagram stories can be a powerful tool as well, and here’s why.

When somebody comes across your Instagram profile, and they see that you are a business owner, if that is aligned with something they need, they will follow you.

For some people that will follow you and immediately try to buy everything you have. This typically will happen if that person is in dire need and your product or service is correctly aligned.

For most people however, when they follow you, they will not buy at first.

They don’t know you, right? They haven’t built that “know, like, trust” factor with you.

I find that Instagram stories can be a really powerful way to nurture people that eventually will buy from you. These are people that are still new to you and not know much about you.

And to be honest, when I analyze my own behavior on Instagram, most of the time when I land on somebody’s profile, I don’t immediately go through their feed. If I see that their stories are highlighted, I immediately look at their stories, because you knew the stories give me a bigger picture or an even deeper picture into who that person is, and how that person can help me.

And if I find that interesting, I go ahead and look through the feed.

So stories are just a really powerful way for you to develop deeper relationships potential buyers of your products and services.

Get them into your culture using Instagram stories!


I use Instagram stories to promote my content ALL the time.

Recently, I launched a podcast called the Create and Prosper Podcast.

When I launched the podcast, I launched heavily through my Instagram stories.

And because of that, within about two weeks, I was able to hit 100 downloads. And through my Instagram stories, people were able to go and leave me reviews on Apple Podcasts.

I’m not shy at all about promoting my content on Instagram stories.

You can promote all types of content including your blog posts, videos as well as your podcasts.

And even with content you create on the Instagram platform, you can use stories to promote that.

And so if you use IGTV, for instance, there is an Instagram Story feature that allows you to link directly to the video from your stories.

If you have a post in your Instagram feed, you can also cross-post that to your stories and get more eyeballs on your feed posts.


The third way I have used Instagram stories in my business is to send people directly to a sales page.

If you’ve created a landing page for a service that you offer, you can always just put a link within Instagram stories and send people there.

Now for those people that have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, Instagram makes it easy and you can directly link to that sales page in your stories.

However, if you have under 10K followers, one of the things that you can do is just use that link that you have on your main Instagram profile. You would then mention that the link is in your profile. Even though this involves a few more steps, I have used it enough to know it works.

Instagram Stories is a powerful way to sell especially if you’ve been nurturing your audience well and providing them with great content.


Instagram Stories is connected to your direct messaging (DM) on Instagram. And so when somebody comments on your Instagram stories, it comes to you as a direct message.

This so genius!

If somebody has a question about a service or a product, but they don’t want everybody on your profile to hear about it, I think that the Instagram DM is a powerful way for them to get in touch with you.

It’s a powerful conversation tool that connects you directly with current and potential clients.


Give people a behind the scenes look of your business.

This generation of buyers is not the generation that just wants to do business with a faceless company.

People want to do business with somebody that they REALLY know, like and trust.

They also want to make sure that doing business with a human being who cares. People also want to be inspired and if you can do that with stories, you can win many people over.

People have reached out to me and told that they were inspired by my Instagram stories. That inspiration moved them to take action on their own dreams. Yes, not everyone may buy from you but there is nothing wrong with inspiring a generation of people while you’re at it.

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Want to learn how to use Instagram stories to promote your business? Here are 5 ways to use Instagram stories for your business.