10 Instagram Story Ideas For Your Business

10 instagram story ideas for your business

You want to use Instagram stories for your business but you’re not sure what to post? I got you!

In today’s post, I’ll ¬†sharing with you 10 of the most engaging Instagram story ideas that you can steal and use for your business.

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10 Instagram Story Ideas For Your Business


The first idea I have for you are front facing videos.

That’s where you take your device, whether it’s your iPad or your phone, and you just hit on that Instagram Record button and begin to record.

There are so many things that you can do with front facing videos.

  • Go on a mini-rant
  • Tell people about your day
  • Share some inspiration
  • Talk about something going on in the news


Maybe you don’t like recording videos of yourself. Not a problem! You can create stories with just text.

You can add emojis, GIFs and animated stickers to make those stories look more engaging.

  • Tell a story.¬† Sometimes I find that writing text helps me condense my stories so that I’m not recording 20 different 15 second videos just to get my thoughts across!
  • Tell people about a new product or service
  • Use it to share discounts
  • Share a thought or opinion

Instagram story ideas


Take a picture of yourself and add some text overlay.

Here are examples of what I’ve done with that feature.

instagram story ideas for small business


Conduct your very own Q&A session. This type of session could be about anything. Perhaps you’ve just traveled to a location and people have commented on your feed about your travels.

You can have a Q&A session where you invite your followers to ask any questions they might have about your trip.

Try it!


Another way I love to use Instagram Stories is using to promote content.

You can use IG stories to share blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts. If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can include a direct link to your stories.

But even if you don’t have 10,000 followers, creating a link and telling people to go to the link your bio is a good way to lead people to your content.

I relied heavily on Instagram stories when I launched my podcast this past August. The podcast is almost at 300 downloads after just 2 months. So it works.


Another thing you can do with your Instagram stories is ask people to sign up for your email list. As a business, I really do hope you are building your email list!


What’s new in your business? What’s new with you personally? Share that in your Instagram stories,


If you want more people to go over and read a post that you recently posted, Instagram stories is a powerful way to do that.

In my experience, a lot more people see my stories versus the posts I make to my feed. Thus, if I want those people who may not have seen my feed post to engage with it, I post it to my stories.

You can do this by using the share button on your Instagram post.


And so let’s say you’re scrolling through your feed and see something that you really like you see a quote that really catches your attention and is in line with your message; you can share it to your story.

Sometimes, if I’m completely out of ideas for my stories, I’ll scroll through my feed and if I find anything that’s interesting, I will cross-post that to my stories. And of course, it’s wonderful because the person will still get attribution and people will still see you as an authority in your particular field because you are curating content in that area.


If you have testimonials in your business, you better be sharing them on Instagram stories.

I find that Instagram Stories is such a wonderful relationship builder.

It is such a powerful tool when it comes to nurturing your audience.

And one of the ways you nurture your audience is by showing them that there are other people that have used your product or service, watched your videos, read your posts or engaged your content and loved it.

So if you have testimonials on Yelp or Facebook or someone tweeted you a testimonial, create posts out of that and share it to Instagram stories.

It’s a powerful way to build authority.

Here’s a review a kind listener left on my podcast that I shared to my stories.


If someone tags you in their Instagram stories, you have the option of adding that tag to your own stories. This also builds social proof with your audience!

I think that that’s another powerful way to show that you’re not just tooting your own horn, but there are other people out there talking about you. So whether that’s the media or other people in your industry, other people that you met at a conference, whatever, if they post a story about you and tag you in it, go ahead and add that to your Instagram stories as well.

I hope one of these spark some ideas for you and that now you will never run out of Instagram story ideas for your business.

Are there some ideas I needed to add to this post?

Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post.

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