5 Ways To Make Money Online With A Tiny Audience

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It’s so easy to get down on yourself when you read income reports from bigger bloggers and online personalities and you realize that you have maybe 1/100th of the audience they have.

How are you supposed to compete or get a piece of the delicious online income cake when you’re still in the beginning stages of your own journey ?

You have probably thought to yourself “If I had even a third of their traffic, I’d be made  !”

Well. Yes and no.

I have been in this online game long enough to learn that you could very well be getting 100,000 page views per month and still be making less than $10 a month whereas there are some people who get less than 20,000 page views per month and yet because they are strategic about their online maneuvers, they are raking in legit 6 figure incomes each year.

The key word here being STRATEGIC.

Can you earn an income when you have a tiny audience ?

Yes you can. I have done it. And I am here to share how you can do the same.

5 Ways To Make Money Online With A Tiny Audience

1)Publish courses to marketplaces

At the beginning of this year, I shifted my focus from publishing my courses on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare to putting my products on Teachable and Gumroad so I could promote them myself. I was able to make that move because I had built my e-mail list to a point where I think I could promote my own courses and have people say “Yes, I want that Gee” without having to go through a middle man.

However, if you are just getting started and have expertise that you can package into a course, course marketplaces like the ones I have mentioned above are a great way for you to build ;

a) an audience

b) credibility as an authority in your area

c) and of course generate some nice passive income

Phil Ebiner is someone who has done this admiringly well.

Of course stories like Phil’s require that you are strategic about your course creation. While I will you could create a course hundreds of people have already created except put your spin on it, I am going to say that personally I have seen better results when you create something that is a little different and more targeted to a particular niche.

Here’s what I mean.

I had 3 main courses on Udemy that used to sell.

My best-selling course was one I created on how to start a social media management business.

(NOTE : I am updating this course this month by the way and will be increasing the price on April 20th so make sure to grab it if you are interested in learning how I consistently earned a 4-figure side income as a social media manager).

The next best one was one I created on how to use Mailchimp and the last one was a course of E-mail Marketing.

From analyzing why the courses did well in this particular order, I realized that Become A Profitable Social Media Manager was very targeted and was going to help people achieve a specific purpose – become a social media manager. The Mailchimp course also sold well because people who struggled with Mailchimp were getting a solution to their pain.

The E-mail Marketing course was the worst selling and in hindsight I see that the reason it did not sell was because it was way too general.

So the key to becoming profitable on these marketplaces is not just to through up any old course.

Niche it down and have it solve a specific need.


Publishing a book has never been easier.

Of course Amazon Kindle is the biggest player out there (another marketplace. Are you catching the drift ?)

The idea here is similar to what I shared above. It’s all about targeting things well and helping people solve specific problems.

Now of course Amazon, Nook and some of these other marketplaces are free tools that will help you get started.

I have however known a few people who have gone ahead and placed their books on affiliate networks like Clickbank and seen very nice profits as a result of affiliates from all over the world promoting them.

About 2 years ago, I interviewed Corey Ferreira who had a monthly 4-figure income stream from his book on how to freelance on Fiverr which he has smartly placed on Clickbank. With Clickbank, you will have to put some money up front in order to have your book on the platform but it can certainly be profitable if you put the work into creating an amazing product.

3)Offer A Service

I have heard Bryan Harris say it and Dan Norris talked about it in the 7-Day Startup.

The fastest way to start generating job-free income is to offer a service. And oh my the services you can offer these days from your computer !

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, at a recent meetup here in San Diego, I met a few guys who were charging some local businesses $1000-$2000 a pop for running Facebook ads (just Facebook ads) and generating leads for them.

Yes, this will require some training if you are like me and all your education up to this point was in something totally different. But honestly, a lot of these things are not that hard to learn and a lot of the time don’t take you that much time to master either.

The model is simple – your clients are looking for solutions but they don’t have the expertise or the time. You have the expertise and will be compensated by your client for your time. As long as you give them the results they are searching for, they are happy campers and will gladly send you weekly or monthly payments.


Have you ever built something successfully ?

Someone is where you used to be when you first started. You can charge people a flat fee or by the hour to train one-on-one with you so they can get to where you have gotten.

All you need  – an internet connection, Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom and your training material.

That’s it !

5)Start A Drop-ship/E-commerce Business

My first foray into online business was actually e-commerce !

I sold my old college textbooks on eBay for $50-$100 payouts. Haha.

After college, I dabbled in it a bit but then kept losing money because I was terrible at pricing my products and charging for shipping.

However, the reason I am even adding this as something you can do to earn you an income is that I recently watched a free and very useful training by Shopify where they walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a drop-shipping business.

The beauty of drop-shipping is that unlike traditional e-commerce where you would have to have the product on hand, you never touch the drop-shipping merchandise. You simply act as a storefront where people can pay for products and all the shipping and handling is done by the manufacturers of the product. You get your cut for being a storefront and so do the manufacturers. Everyone is paid and happy !

I would personally love to go into drop-shipping sometime soon but I am teaching myself this year to FOCUS on doing one thing at a time because that is where success comes from.

However, if you are looking for a way to generate a good passive source of income without the hassle of actually handling products, drop-shipping might be it for you.

So there you have it – you don’t have to wait for a “huge audience”.

You can run with any of these 5 ways of generating online income with a tiny audience – 4 of which I have experience in and have generated income from – and be profitable even if your audience is small.

Are you generating income online another way even though you don’t have a large audience ?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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Tiny audience got you down ? Not to worry ! You can still make make money online. Here are 5 legit ways to do it.