Are you making these 7 “wantrepreneur” mistakes ?

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Once upon a time, there was a place called the Internet. The Internet was home to Blogging and her sister Online Business. In the mid- to late 2000’s a lot of people caught on to the huge opportunity the Internet provided to anyone, anywhere to run a business and live the life of their dreams. So A LOT of people hopped on it.

That was not the problem though. The problem came when people started approaching Blogging and Online Business all wrong ! And so this girl from Ghana decided that she would write a blog post about the mistakes people who want to become bloggers/online entrepreneurs should avoid in the beginning  and a better way to approach becoming friends with Blogging and Online Business.


Not exactly the plot of the Titanic but hey, it got your attention, didn’t it ? (Wide grin).

“Wantrepreneurs” abound these days. There is absolutely nothing wrong per se because I am one of them.

Although I have been doing business on the internet since college it is only within the last 1.5 years or so that I am realizing the huge opportunity to do something impactful on the Internet and feed my family doing it.

It’s amazing !

All too often however, I find the people I am classifying as “wantrepreneurs” making mistakes that really set them up for overwhelm and eventual failure.

I have made some of these mistakes myself. But I’ve also gotten wiser.

7 Mistakes Wantrepreneurs Make

1. You buy every course you see because you believe this will be the “one” that will finally break you out of the 9-5 rat race.

Don’t get me wrong. I am  a big believer in self-education. I have enrolled in courses that have helped me get to the point I am. But truth be told, you don’t need to buy every single course from every single wonderful person out there.


Why ? Because it is very unlikely that you will go through every, single one of those 10 courses entirely and implement something. It is very likely, you will be confused as to where to start because everybody’s stuff sounds so juicy. It is also very likely that you will contract a disease called “Analysis Paralysis” and it is likely that if you don’t see the massive results that were promised to you in the course within 2 weeks (or whatever time-frame you assume this is going to take) , you will quit.

What to do instead : When you are getting started, begin with one or two courses that have great backing and recommendations. If you don’t have the moolah to do so, get deep into their free content – blog posts , podcasts , free courses. SINK YOUR TEETH INTO IT LIKE A BULLDOG. Master that stuff and start implementing (Knowledge does nothing for you until you implement it. Tweet This.) . If you begin to experience gaps in knowledge as you go along, then seek out extra help whether it is through a purchased online course or someone else’s free content.

Key Lesson : Focus will help you become a master.


2. You join/like way too many Facebook Groups/Pages or sign up for too many e-mail lists.

What did I just say about “Analysis Paralysis” ? Yes it can happen here too.

I know it is tempting to follow all the amazing people who truly have amazing content to offer BUT you only have 24 hours per day and there are 100’s of them. You do the math.

Key Lesson : Focus on a handful experts you would like to emulate and like I said earlier, really get into their content. If you follow one Facebook expert and their stuff is working for you, it may not be necessary to follow another one.


3. You use the word “expert” or other related buzzwords when you are not.

It’s cheesy, annoying , yucky and dishonest.

We don’t need more “experts” and “gurus”. We need more people who help other people reach their goals in a legitimate way. Become that person. Be willing to be vulnerable with your future tribe.

And for crying out loud, wanting to emulate another legitimate expert is fine but really, be yourself.

I have found that you can still have a lot of success having an accent (according to the Americans who surround me), having hair that is hard to comb when it is dry and being from a West African soccer nation (who painfully lost to the US in the World Cup. No. I am not bitter about that at all).


Key Lesson : It’s alright to be YOU as long as you are helping other people solve their problems and reach their goals.


4. You think that entrepreneurial success is reserved for a few cool kids.

You also believe the Tooth Fairy is real (Fine. That is the last sarcastic comment I’ll make in this post).

This one is especially for me because I bought into this lie as well. Success in anything is reserved for people who work hard, are not afraid to try new things, persist in spite of the odds and those who sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed so they can get where they want to go.

The description I just gave does not pertain to any one people group. Success is available to anyone who wants it and wants it bad enough.

Key Lesson : Want to succeed ? Get out there and do something brave and don’t quit until you get it done.


5. You give up too soon. 

Don’t let me reach out of this screen and give you the V8 head knock !

Key Lesson : Failure is an inevitable fact of life. When you get over that fact, you will do things you never thought were even possible .


6. You have too many excuses as to why this is not going to work.

Most excuses are nonsensical, period. My emphasis is on the word most.

  • Your car broke down in the middle of winter 50 miles from home and so you’ve developed a complex about cars breaking down (or anything working in life for that matter).
  • You lost your job.
  • An eviction letter was written to you more than once.
  • You live in a land far away from home.
  • You have a 17-month old baby.
  • You have grad school.
  • Oh and by the way, you also don’t have money to do this internet business thing.

Those are all events from my life history that I could effectively turn into excuses. Legitimate ones. But I do my best everyday not to.

An exercise for you : What excuses do you have about building a business, be it online or offline ? Write them down. Plan an escape route around them.


 7. Last but not least, you heard the stories of success on podcasts and blogs and you assume that success will come within a few weeks.

Sometimes in listening to the incredible stories of entrepreneurs who have gone from rags to riches, I think we selectively edit out the part where they ate Ramen noodles every night and slept on an airbed for a year.

Can you become super successful in 30 days with an online business ? Of course. Does it happen for everyone ? Nope. Building anything worthwhile is hard. Be patient with yourself and don’t get frustrated when things move slowly or don’t take off immediately.

Key Lesson : Real success takes time to build Tweet this.

So here my story ends my dear friends. What other “wantrepreneur” mistakes are there (could be yours) that I did not touch on ?