Master Twitter With These 6 Marketing Tools

Master Twitter with these 6 Marketing Tools (1)

After I wrote this article on how I crafted a really simple social media plan that increased my traffic by 135% in just 2 weeks, a lot of conversation came up about Twitter and how to effectively use it to market your online brand.

Two months ago, I had been on Twitter for a year and still had absolutely NO clue on how to actually use Twitter to grow my online presence. That all changed when I decided to craft a plan that would help me master Twitter.

I plan to write a series of posts on Twitter and how you can use it to build a relevant social following fairly quickly and get your content/business before the eyes of your target audience.

Twitter marketing does not have to be difficult. In fact, I check Twitter now more than I check Facebook because the level of interaction I get there is just BETTER. But it would be impossible for me to get the kind of results I have seen without these tools.

By the way, humble brag : I recently helped a client of mine go from 133 followers on Twitter with no engagement to 300 relevant followers who are actively interacting (retweeting, commenting, liking) with her content every single day) in a mere 2 weeks. These tools helped me help that client.

So you can rest assured that this Twitter marketing series will not be a whole bunch of fluff and “secrets” but real stuff I have tried and found to work.

So for all my friends who simply don’t “get” it, here are 6 tools that will help you master Twitter. Let’s get into it, shall we?



What is it ?

Copromote really is what their name suggests. Over half a million content creators on one platform and everyone shares each other’s content but only if they are interested in it. No pressure to share any one piece of content.

How does it work ?

Let’s say you have shared something on Twitter, Tumblr or Youtube. The point of any content creator sharing on anyone of these platforms is to get people to see that content, right ?

Well with Copromote, you get to “boost” something you have previously posted on any one of these platforms. In my case, I primarily use Copromote to leverage my Twitter posts.

Once it is boosted, other people on the platform who have indicated that they like the category your content falls into, will see your post show up in their Copromote feed. They then share it with their audiences. You also will in turn share content that interests you and which you feel would benefit your audience.

Every time you share content on Copromote, you are paid in “reach”. The more reach you have, the more the your content gets shared and consequently, you get more eyes on that piece of content. 5 of my Twitter posts that I have boosted has currently been shared a total of 46 times and to over 30,000 people who don’t already follow me on Twitter.

I’ll take it !

copromote 2

Copromote has both a free & paid version.



Klout’s tagline is “Be Known for What You Love”. Here’s a picture of my profile.

twitter marketing klout

Klout uses an algorithm based on your social media posts to determine what might be an expert in. You will of course have to connect your social media accounts to Klout but based on my Twitter profile alone, Klout was able to determine that I might talk a lot about Blogging, Pinterest and WordPress – which truly is the case.

It gives you a score as well – mine is 49 and is attached to my picture. I am not sure how this is calculated but it appears the higher your expertise, the higher it is as evidenced by the Klout scores of these guys :

klout scores

Makes sense.

But how exactly does this help a person with Twitter marketing ?

Personally I think Klout is great for 2 reasons.

  1. You of course get to see where in rank in terms of being considered an “expert” in your niche based on what you share on social media regularly – which is great because in the online space, when people think of something and your name immediately comes to mind, that is a good thing.
  2. It is a great way to discover new content that you can share on social media – usually these are posts that are already doing well on social media. Sharing/stating an opinion on content that is already doing well on social media (and when you use the proper hashtags) gets you noticed as a thought leader and attracts people who are interested in your message to follow you on Twitter. Getting to that content is a matter of clicking on the “Explore” button.

klout 2



Topsy is a Twitter analytics tool that allows you to search for what content has been shared extensively and by whom.


So let’s say you want to find to get some in depth analysis on tweets that mention “how to create an online course” in the past week or so because you want to join in on the conversation. You would click on “Tweets” and type in “create an online course”.

topsy 1

Now here are the first few results Topsy spewed out for us :


topsy 2


Topsy is useful in a few ways :

  1. Quality content that you can retweet. People get excited when you retweet/engage their content and will naturally like to find out more about you. Remember how we talked about authority and establishing yourself as an expert ? It works with any kind of content you tweet out whether it is yours or someone else’s.
  2. You can start a conversation with the person who tweeted out the info. Who knows where that might lead ?
  3. You could reach out to them as part of your blogger outreach
  4. If the particular tweet is going viral, and has a lot of conversation around it, it could be a teachable moment for you on many levels.
  5. Note the hashtags people are using in these posts as well and add it to your own list of hashtags to use when you tweet.



I use Crowdfire to monitor who is following and unfollowing me on Twitter as well as who is simply inactive on the platform in which case it will make sense to simply unfollow them.

Sounds a little vain, doesn’t it ?

Well, here’s the thing, I would rather have 1000 followers who are interested in what I have to say than 15,000 who don’t care. Secondly, I have noticed this a lot on Twitter, sometimes people will follow me. I go t read their profile and think to myself “oh they must be a cool person” and so I hit follow. Well guess what ? As soon as I do that, some people will unfollow me.

These people are not interested in what I have to say. They are just interested in growing their following. That is just not my mode of operation when it comes to growing a following on Twitter so as soon as I see people do that, I unfollow them quick & in a hurry.

Last but not least, I am not a “follow for follow” kind of girl. I know a lot of Twitter gurus suggest it but I don’t like it so I don’t do it. I follow who I find cool and want to follow and that it is it.

Crowdfire is the application that allows me to do that.

There is one feature on Crowdfire I wish was not there though – automated direct messages. This is when you are sent an automatic message right after you follow someone on Twitter. And 9/10 times these people are telling you to sign up for something, buy something or go to another platform to follow them. I personally think that is an impersonal & inauthentic way of building a real following and when I see that I immediately unfollow the person.

On the other hand I like the “Keyword Follow” function which allows you to put in a particular keyword and look for other people who have used that keyword in their bio. Great if you want to find some likeminded people to follow.


I LOVE BUFFER. Scheduling my social media posts just makes life easier !

I have Hootsuite which I use in my social media management biz but I cannot break up with Buffer. It might have something to do with that fact that Kevan Lee who is super stellar content marketer writes for them or the fact that they tell you EXACTLY where each penny $10/month you pay to them goes.

Or maybe it could be that they have a “Re-Buffer” button that allows you to reschedule content you have published in the past that did really well or even edit and then repost ones that did not. (Did I just start a sentence with a conjunction ? Yes I did Grammar Police. I certainly did.)



To Re-Buffer a post, you simply go to “Analytics”, hover over the particular post ; the RE-BUFFER this text will appear then and then you can click on the said post to edit/reschedule as appropriate.

Whatever the real reason might be, I love Buffer forever.


I wrote extensively about Triberr in this post.

Triberr is an excellent social media platform for bloggers and I have truly grown my blog traffic and network since  I joined earlier on in the year.

I however love the fact that Triberr gives me an excellent source of content that I can learn from and share. I am a big believer in sharing excellent content when I discover it. Mr Ziglar had it right when he said :

Marketing on social media involves being social. As I described in this post, part of my social media strategy was to share other people’s content. Triberr helps me do exactly that.

 If you would like some further reading, Nora Flint of Truconversion recently wrote a post on 15 easy ways to build up traffic with your social media. It is certainly worth the read. 

Wrapping It Up

Those are the 6 tools in my Twitter marketing arsenal.

Do you have any tools you are using for Twitter marketing or social media in general that I did not mention but which is extremely helpful to you ? Let me know about it in the comments.