3 Mental Blocks You’re Likely To Face As A Creative

mental blocks creatives face

“I’ve never had a mental block!”

Said nobody.


If you have tried to create anything at all, it is very likely you have faced some serious mental blocks that have you questioning your very existence.

In fact, at least once a week, I go through my own version of “why am I even doing this?”

And this is after I regularly hit 15,000 page views on this blog and have made more than 5 figures working online.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Well, I think we would not be human if you did not at least feel some of these things.

So this week, I put 3 of the most common mental blocks we are likely to face as creatives and put that in a video.

3 Mental Blocks You’re Likely To Face As A Creative

#1- Somebody is already doing this.

Somebody will always be doing what you want to do.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is in fact evidence that there is money to be made in that area.

The problem arises when there are TOO MANY sharks in the water trying to catch the same fish.

In fact, in Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, this is called the Red Sea vs Blue Sea strategy.

The Red Sea refers to the section of the market that has been marketed to over and over again. The Blue Sea is a section of the market is still hungry to hear your message and buy your products but who have not been somehow neglected in marketing messages.

What is a “fresh idea” you can introduce into this world that nobody is tackling? What is a “fresh market” you can speak to?

I mention mine in the video.

#2- Nobody will listen to me

I used to think this too but have come to realization that people don’t listen to you because you’re “big”.

They listen to you because they can identify with you.

If you can gather people around you who identify with you, they will listen to you.

It won’t matter that other people exist who teach a subject better than you.

If these people are endeared to you, if they are true fans, you are the one they will listen to.

#3- I will never get to their level

Newsflash: it is very possible I will never get the levels of Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn or Gary Vee.

Am I okay with this?


Because while I do aspire to reach the highest of heights in everything I do, I also realize I can still enjoy a considerable amount of success even if I am on a “lower” level than most of these folks.

So instead of worrying that you will never get to master level status, accept where you are, serve the people who are there with you well and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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