Are You An Online Course Junkie ? How This May Be Sabotaging Your Business

online course junkie
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Today’s post/Youtube video is a based on a Periscope episode I did a few months back which I believe is even more relevant today as more and more people find out about how to make it as a business owner online.

I will not lie ; I used to be an online course junkie. In grad school, I would spend every extra dollar I got on online courses because I knew that I wanted to build my own online venture at a point. A lot of those courses were great and taught me things I have never heard of or knew. So this is not knocking online courses themselves.

It is just that, at some point each and every one of us has to come to that place where we decide that enough is enough and declare “I will no longer be an online course junkie” and in fact become course implementers.

So how does consumption of online courses sabotage your business.

Well for me, it meant that that the time I could have spent IMPLEMENTING things I had already learned was spent consuming more and more content.

Being a course junkie also meant I was prone to analysis paralysis on top of the analysis paralysis I had not gotten rid of from the last time I consumed a course (and took NO ACTION!).

It was becoming a vicious cycle that needed to stop. And once I did, I was able to become more productive when it came to producing my own content as well as creating and selling my own products and services.

My 2 cents : stop watching and buying every single course out there. Take what you have already learned and start applying them like there’s no tomorrow. You will be shocked at your own progress a year from now.

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