5 Myths About Making Money Online – That You Need To Stop Believing

Today’s post is not my usual because I want to talk about an ugly epidemic that is destroying the lives of some individuals and keeping them in sorry-land.

Can we have a #HonestMoment ?

I recently visited a blog where the owner publishes a monthly income report. She has been doing so for 4 years and her growth is truly impressive. Over the last 4 years, the lady has worked harder than most people would and persevered and gotten to a point where she is legitimately making $30K+ per month.

On a recent report, I could not help but read some of less than flattering comments :

It seems the only people making money blogging are the people in “X” niche

(Silent translation : The only reason you are making money is because you have chosen this niche. I am going to ignore all the hard-work, tears , sweat and hustle you have done behind the scenes to get to this point and pin it on the niche you chose).

“I have been blogging for a zillion years and I still don’t make $100 per month

(Silent translation : How dare you make more money than me when I have been blogging longer than you ? It’s not fair & so I am going to throw a hissy fit)

Oh it must be nice that you get to do that. If all of us had YOUR situation, I bet we could do the same thing too.”

I don’t even have a silent translation for this because this is just immaturity at its’ peak.

5 Important Facts About People Who Make Money Online That A Lot of People Miss

Before we do that, let me just say that I have made money online since 2004. It was never thousands of dollars but it was enough to buy groceries or a tank of gas. I have only focussed on making money via my blogging/online brand in the last 18-months or so – I freelance as a writer/social media manager, sell courses and currently consult with a handful of clients each month.

It has not been an easy road to say the least. I still work my 9-5 as a biomedical researcher and in all honesty, I have a deep appreciation for people who are completely rocking it when it comes to online income.

1. People who are making serious money online WORK VERY, VERY HARD and especially so in the beginning of their journeys. Some work for between 1-2 years before they start seeing any meaningful income. Usually by that time, they have built enough influence (once again, through consistently doing the work) that when they do recommend something via an affiliate link people are very likely to hop on the offer and purchase through their affiliate link thereby giving them a nice boost in passive income.

2. People who make money online invest heavily in themselves. People making serious money online are huge learners who are not afraid to invest in their learning and growth. This does not always mean they buy and devour super expensive courses. It just means they learn, practice, fail, recover, and test until they find something that works for them. So to the person standing afar, it might look like they just came from nowhere to popularity when the truth is that their success has been years of seriously investing in their own success.

3. People who make money online are not all in the “make money online” niche. If you are solving a real problem people have a pain-point for and you position it well, you will make money regardless of what the niche is. Of course, certain niches may be more lucrative than others BUT it does not mean that is what everyone is doing.

Perfect examples include :

– ElementaryLibrarian.com by Jocelyn Sams

– My friend Jessica who teaches jewelry-making

– This former surgeon helps pre-med students get into medical school

– This guy sells organic chemistry study guides to college students who need to pass organic chemistry (and having taken organic chemistry myself in college, I wish I knew him then !)

– Kimra Luna sold a course on Picmonkey before she became you know, Kimra Luna

The list could go on and on.


4. You don’t need a million page views to make money online

You might if you depend heavily on affiliates and Adsense to make money. If you don’t have a huge audience just yet, you might have to get creative with your income strategy.

4 Ways To Make Money Online When Your Blog is Still Small

  • Offering a service is a wonderful and effective way to start making money online. I am both a freelance writer and social media manager for other businesses.
  • Selling e-Courses via a marketplace like Udemy or Skillshare is another way to get started making money online. This is a second source of income for me as well. Something that I have not tried to do is sell my e-Course via an affiliate network like ClickBank. My friend Corey does though and has gotten success with it even though his blog does not get massive amounts of traffic.
  • Sell eBooks via Kindle or an affiliate network like Clickbank.
  •  Start an eCommerce business – eBay, Amazon, Etsy or your own store are all excellent ways to generate meaningful online income

These are all great starting points from which a person can then grow to make more money through methods that are highly passive.

5. There are variables (oh so many of them !) that account for people making certain amounts of money each month. Some graciously reveal all their secrets & some don’t. I am fine either way. But it is important to realize that just because someone did something a particular way does not mean it will work for you in the exact same way.

Ending The Diatribe

Dia-who ? Let’s keep it moving.

I am grateful to online entrepreneurs who have blazed the trail and tried things nobody was willing to try and who have been rewarded for it. They and their families deserve every single penny.

I am even more grateful that they choose to share snippets of their lives with me through their income reports inspiring me to be a better solopreneur.

One thing I will not stand for however is insulting the integrity and hard-work of these folks. Things may look easy for them now, but having worked on my own online brand for the past 18 months I know for a fact that it always wasn’t.

It is completely unfair for you to even suggest it that and really is not something you should do if you are planning to be in a similar position some day.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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5 Important Facts About People Who Make Money Online That A Lot of People Miss : Don't be the person who belly-aches about someone else making money online !