7 Essential Skills That Make A Phenomenal Social Media Manager

Last year, I had the privilege of starting my own freelance business as a social media manager for local businesses and I am so thankful for all the lessons I learned during the process. I am even more grateful for the money I make from the business and how it is helping me realize that dream of generating job-free income.

I've gotten a few questions lately about how one can become a social media manager and what skills it requires and so, I decided to host a webinar on Tuesday June 1 2016 @ 5pm PST to give YOU the scoop on some skills you will need to have (all of them can be developed so don't think I am excluding you !) in order to become not just any social media manager but a PHENOMENAL one.

Ready ? The skills I will delve into include :

  • Knowledge of what really works on any given social media platform
  • Design skills (you don't have to be Pablo Picasso BUT you have to be good)
  • Knowledge of Buffer/Hootsuite
  • Mimicking the voice of your client
  • Being a master of content curation
  • Knowing the right mix of posts that work for your client
  • Basic knowledge of great copy

Sound like your kind of thing ? Then join me on Tuesday June 1 at 5pm EST.

Enter your info below & I will send you the actual e-mail script I used to score my first paying client.