The 3 Podcasts You Should Listen To If You’re Boot-Strapping Right Now

3 podcasts you should listen to if you're boot-strapping

I started blogging in 2011 and it was only at the beginning of this year that I started to listen to podcasts.

How did I NOT know of podcasts before ? !! Listening to them makes me wish I had started in 2011 but hey better late than never, right ?

Listening to podcasts has completely REVOLUTIONIZED my outlook on lifestyle design and building a profitable business I truly enjoy. It is the reason I started My Online Biz Journey. It is the real reason I keep grinding everyday because I know now that success comes to the prepared. And the prepared don’t give up before they see success.

Anyway, when you get started on the internet, there is so much great stuff out there to be consumed that you can be overwhelmed as to what to do next. There are a plethora of courses to subscribe to, books to read, blog posts to catch up on and then there are PODCASTS.

So much to do. So little time. And you can get paralyzed by all the options. The cure for this is to focus and master. It is the only way you will succeed online.

So while there are many great podcasts out there and I will not discourage you from listening to them, I find that focussing on these 3 podcasts and implementing the stuff I am learning from them is helping me get ahead faster than I would do on my own or if I was trying to play catch up with all the great content that is out there.

If you are at the boot-strapping stage of your blog-biz and you would implement just ONE thing from any one of these podcasts a week, you will be way ahead of the curve.

Way ahead.

3 Podcasts You Should Listen To If You’re Boot-strapping – RIGHT NOW

1)Internet Business Mastery IBM is hosted by Jeremy Frandsen and Jason van Orden. I love their podcast because they are always careful to provide step-by-step guidance on how to build what they have termed a “lifestyle business” to total beginners.

For instance, on my way from work a few weeks ago I listened as they broke down how to write a sales page for your product. I have read about sales pages and seen sales pages but in this particular episode they broke down the process of writing a sales page into digestible parts that made such a daunting task  seem incredibly easy. I just love it !

Even if you never buy their basic coaching program, Academy 101 which is amazing by the way, listening to their podcasts consistently and doing what they say will catapult you in a powerful direction.

2)Flipped Lifestyle Podcast – This is a newer podcast that started this year. Shane and Jocelyn Sams, a couple out of Kentucky, host it and I am learning so much from them. I first heard of them on Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast where they told an amazing story I still cannot get out of my system.

To summarize their incredible story : Shane is a former high school football coach. Jocelyn used to be a school librarian. Using their ingenuity, they were able to build a six-figure business around their skills by starting a website for football coaches and a website for elementary school librarians (so, you see, your idea is not so weird after all !).

I love their podcast because they make you believe that regular people like you and I can have kids and all the busyness that comes with that and still start a profitable side business that will eventually be the reason you quit your regular job.

3)Smart Passive Income Podcast – I loved this show so much when I started listening to them that I started listening from episode 1…even though episode 1 was more than 3 years ago.

Pat Flynn also has an incredible story and shares so much about the ins and outs of his business. I believe he is the reason income reports are popular with blogs these days. If there is any podcast I would recommend listening to from the beginning, it’s this one.

I know I said 3 podcasts in the title. But I have to add this last one and if you will dare listen to one of the episodes of this show, you will know why.

4)Entrepreneur on FireJohn Lee Dumas hosts this one and if you have not heard of him, might you be living under a rock ? Entrepreneur on Fire is my most recent addition to this list and I am glad I started. EOF is a 7-day a week podcast. John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs of all sorts.

I love this podcast because of the inspiration it provides and its overarching theme that no matter how many times you fail at your venture (and you will fail), you can get up , wipe yourself off , keep working hard and still emerge a winner. His recent interview with Mike Koenigs and another with Nick Unsworth are must-listens (Really. I encourage you to listen to them. They will make you rethink your business and want to do it not necessarily for the money but for the lives your business can change).

And there you have it ! These are the 4 podcasts I’ve been listening to and getting educated on how to build a lifestyle business I truly enjoy.

How about you ? What have you been listening to lately ?

More importantly, what have you implemented from all you have learned lately ?