Q1 2018 PROGRESS REPORT : How much money I made, increasing my credit score & more !

Hello bosses !

It has been a fair minute since I actually wrote a blog post. I am starting the second quarter of 2018 with blog posts once again after going deep with YouTube during the Q1 of 2018.

Let’s get to it.

At the beginning of the year, I read Michael Hyatt’s book, Best Year Ever.

I highly recommend the book. (Here’s the link again, in case you want to check it out.)

It put me on a path of setting 10 goals that were realistic but which still would challenge me. I am sharing the progress of some of those with you in this post.

If you would rather hear me talk about my progress in the first quarter of 2018, here’s the video for that.

YouTube Strategy

Late last year, I began to see the HUGE potential of using YouTube as an important part of my content strategy.

Apart from the fact that video allows me to connect on a personal level with all you wonderful folks, because YouTube is a huge (and surprising, still untapped search engine), the potential for content to live on for a very long time is great.

So I fired up my camera and got to filming !

I went from 185 to 326 subscribers and I am posting at least 8 videos a month.

My goal by December 31 2018 is to hit 10,000 subscribers.

Will I hit it ? I have no idea !

I however realized that in order to experience massive growth on the platform, collaborations with other YouTubers is important.

Thus, in Q2, I will focus more on finding people to collaborate with on the platform.

I’d be more than excited to have you subscribe to my channel. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE.

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Blog Traffic

For not writing a whole lot this quarter – I actually only wrote ONE blog post this whole quarter – my blog traffic was fairly steady. As you can see below, the blog got over 36,000 sessions which translated into over 43,000 page views.

Average views per month : 14,370

There was a spike in early February that I attribute to an influencer sharing my blog post on how to make money with Amazon (the only post I have written this year). For the most part however, the traffic remained steady.

Most of my traffic is still coming from social media (particularly Pinterest and Facebook) but I am happy about that 10% that is coming from search engines.

SEO is not a easy thing to master so I am happy my amateur SEO skills are paying off.

Goal : I would be ecstatic to finally hit 25,000 sessions per month.


My total income for the quarter was $4,770.31.

This is income I have received payment for, not income I earned.

If I did not receive the money, I did not account for it in my math. What this also means is that there is money I have earned that I have not received yet.

I am still very much a side hustler (this might be changing soon though).

Additionally, I did not promote a whole lot of affiliates or do as much freelance work as I could have during the quarter. I also did not promote my course or eBook even though I made a few sales.

Nonetheless, I am super excited about that amount.

For some perspective, in 2016, I made $8000 total in side income for the whole year.

Hitting almost $5,000 in the first quarter of the year is therefore a big deal to me.

Most of my income this quarter came from freelancing and affiliate commissions.

A big reason for why I have done well with affiliate income is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. 

Before I took the course, I had a “post and pray” approach to affiliate marketing. These days, I have a much better strategy.

I plan to go through the course again this year to kick things up a notch.

I have big plans for the next quarter for my income so watch out for the next report !

Goal : I want to increase my monthly income to $5,500 per month this quarter. I am positive I can do it. Let’s see how far I get with it !

Personal Development Goals

One of my goals was to read 20 books by December 31 2018.

This means reading about 2 books per month.

I think I completed a total of 4 books during the quarter.

Nothing wild.

But I am realizing that audiobooks are becoming a preferred format of consuming books for me especially as I get busier.

I currently have Scribd which allows me to have a set number of audiobook credits per month.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads was huge for me this month.

Monica Louie had a module in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing where she talked about creating Lookalike Audiences and promoting your blog posts to that audience.

Using her strategy, I was able to promote this post for $0.07 per click. My goal was actually $0.05 per click.

Close enough !

Now that I know how execute on the strategy, I plan on using more Facebook ads.

Increasing My Credit Score

A big goal for me this year was to increase my credit score to 700 and keep it that way.

Last year, my score hovered around the low 600’s and at one point dipped to the high 500’s ! Scary stuff.

It was not because I was not paying my bills on time.

It was because my debt to credit ratio was high.

According to some of my savvy financial friends, you are supposed to keep debt to credit ratio at around 30% or lower. Example : if you have $1000 in credit, ideally, you should have a monthly balance that is $300 or below.

Therefore you could be paying your bills on time each month, however, if your debt is is more that this 30% mark, it could really affect your credit score.

Thankfully, I do not have student loans. So getting my debt down was going to be easy.

I am happy to announce that through a string of wise decisions I made, my score is up to 684 as of March 29 2018.

Closing Thoughts

That’s all folks.

I have been blogging since 2012.

It was not until the end 2015 that I began to monetize my efforts online seriously.

The potential to make money online is HUGE.

Not easy. Not a walk in the park. It takes time.

But the potential is HUGE.

There are goals I have set for myself in Q2 that I am looking forward to tackling.

Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments below !