How This Love Counselor Is Using Live-Streaming To Help Women Heal (Interview with Queenette Nwobodo)

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I had the opportunity to interview Queenette Nwobodo on how she is using live streaming to build her online business as a life strategist and counselor who is helping women , as she puts it on her website, “heal emotional wounds”.

I know Queenette personally and it has been absolutely incredible to watch her grow from scratch less than a year ago to currently having 4000+ Facebook fans who are highly engaged during her braodcasts and who are also paying money to attend her virtual workshops.

I especially loved doing this interview because it is a shift from the regular “make money online” type of entrepreneurs – nothing wrong there either ! Just a nice change.

Interview Highlights 

1.How Queenette is promoting her live streams before she actually goes live

2.How she is leveraging Facebook ads after her live streams to gain more viewers, more e-mail subscribers and more paying customers

3. The types of calls-to-action she is using that is helping her get some crazy conversion rates

4. Why she doesn’t believe in “balance” (Queenette is a mom, wife, professor PLUS she is building her online career as a life coach/counselor) and what she is doing instead to help her be productive.

Queenette really dropped a lot of knowledge during this interview so get a pen and a notebook and be ready to take some notes.


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